A do-it-yourself kitchen project

Painting a kitchen alters the appearance and elevates the ambience. It is hard to find paintings or textures that suit to the need of a person. We all adjust or compromise at some time. Nevertheless, painting a kitchen is a fun activity and a simple task. It gives an outstanding opportunity to build an appealing visual treat that suits to the taste of the user.


Before starting the painting, the surface needs attention. Preparing the surface is a crucial part. It depends on the existing cabinets and the materials. For example, if there are laminates, removing it is possible. If the laminate is hard to remove, people can avoid removing it. Using a 150 grade sandpaper, people have to rub the surface to remove the presence of dirt, furniture elements and other residues existing on the surface. Dust the entire area into a rag. Be careful while dusting. Make sure to have necessary protective gear such as face masks. If there is any presence of wax on the surface, scrubbing them a couple times will remove the content.


Begin the painting with bin primer. Start from the top of the area and work slowly towards the down. The primer is the base coat and dries quickly. Hence, the application should be at a faster rate. For the cabinets, paint them inside and then cover the outer surface. After finishing with the primer, use sanding sponges to smooth the surface of the area. Dust down the entire area with spirits and collect in a rag. Using a 1-2-3 primer, re-coat the entire area again from the top to bottom. Will any dents and holes in the surfaces using 2 pack fillers. It takes 2 hours for the mixture to become hard. Dust, the area, again using a sanding sponge and coat with 1-2-3 primer. Apply two finish coats. When dried, use 240 grade sandpaper to dust the entire region. This action provides a smooth finish to the entire painting area. Clean the covering with water to eliminate the dust. Applying the final finish coat completes the painting job.

The entire activity is a time taking process. Nevertheless, it gives a chance for people to paint according to their taste. They have the opportunity to design their kitchen according to their needs. Painting is not an easy task and hence, people should be careful while performing the different actions. It would need some time to learn the technique, but is an excellent method to design a kitchen. Moreover, the do-it-yourself project will attract a little investment, as there is no involvement of the professionals, who charge exorbitant fees.

Starting with a small area, as a trial provides an understanding about the entire activity. One should be clear about the color they would like to coat and buy the necessary products beforehand. Visiting a hardware store provides plenty of ideas about the colors. Browsing the internet is also helpful in choosing an excellent color and needed primer accessories that are needed to complete the job.