9 remedies to lose weight after the Holidays

Even if you ate excessively and you tried to make elections to eat balanced and healthy, you have tasted the cake, cakes, roast pork, jelly – options that are not included in your daily menu. It means that your body had to work more to successfully cope with hearty meals, and now must give it time to recover.

Here are some remedies that come to help you in the first week after the holiday and on long term and that will help you to revise your eating habits.

1. Stay away from the meat!
At least the first week after the holiday! Now you’ve satisfied your cravings, but it’s time to take a short break to allow the digestive system to do some cleaning so as to get rid of all the toxins and fat that you have accumulated during abundant meals of the holiday.

2. Choose fruits and vegetables
Is not end of the world if you rely more on vegetable salads that helps detoxify the body and nourishes the necessary nutrients. You will not have problems with constipation or slow intestinal transit. In addition, it helps to lose weight healthy! Do not forget the 2-3 servings of fruit a day, and now that the cold season is here you can choose the ones rich in vitamin C. Attention! Avoid eating fruit as dessert! They should always be eaten two hours before or after a meal because otherwise disrupt digestion and promote fermentation.

3. Do not forget the tea that aids digestion
You have to put on the list dandelion, peppermint, chamomile, marigold. Drink unsweetened tea and add lemon to help internal organs to function at full capacity and eliminate toxins and unwanted fats.

4. Instead of three big meals, pick five healthy and light ones!
Do not skip breakfast! You’ve certainly heard about the benefits brought by breakfast, but do you keep this in mind? It’s time to start the morning properly, to stick to a program of main meals (choose small portions) to which you add both light and low calorie snacks between meals.

5. Avoid alcohol!
It is a source of extra calories that you can drop easily.

6. Drink plenty of plain water!
If you want to get rid of holiday weight, choose plain water and unsweetened teas and stay away from sodas, hot chocolate and other combinations of coffee, cream and flavors that contain many calories.

7. Do not forget about green tea and its benefits!
Laboratory studies show that green tea blocks the assimilation of fats.

8. Take it easy with sweets!
Be selective and try to avoid commercially sweets. If you’re craving sweets rather opt for dried fruit, but beware of quantities. Eat 2-3 figs or apricots.

Sport is the key!
For those who were lazy during the holidays it is recommended to start with an easy exercise. Some crunches, walking in the fresh air, yoga or Pilates sessions, aerobics or any activity that stimulates blood circulation and energizes you.

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9 Remedies To Lose Weight After The Holidays