9 Mistakes you make when you iron


Ironing is for many women a real chore. The activity becomes even more obnoxious when you, make mistakes that ruin your clothes. Here’s what you should not ever do to ease your work.

1. Ironing when are “dry” – wrinkles that form can be easily iron if items are slightly wet when you iron them.
2. Do not set the temperature correctly – textiles stand the heat differently: while cotton, for example, can be ironed at high temperatures, silk will burn.
3. Do not wash soleplate – A big mistake people make is to not clean the soleplate. If you omit this, it is very possible that once heated it to stain clothes and dirty dust or other impurities.
4. You don’t remove the water after each use of iron -Water tank should be drained after each use. Otherwise, gathers limescale that will damage the device. Moreover, water can leak inside risking a short circuit.
5. Linen should be ironed at least every two washes. Laundry and ironing lengthen the life of the fabric. Put on the ironing board an aluminum foil and cover it with a cloth. The aluminum foil will reflect heat, and laundry will trample on both sides.
6. Do not leave the laundry in the washing machine after it finished to wash and to extort. It will wrinkle awful. A good help is to stretch the laundry. Think of our grandmothers who washed clothes by hand, and the effort to stretch is a kind of gymnastics.
7. All clothing sprayed with starch, are ironed easier and look beautiful for long. Additionally get dirty harder, and any stains get out easier. There are solutions that can be sprayed even when ironing the laundry.
8. Synthetic materials and ribbed one must be ironed inside out, with steam and iron set at a low temperature. Velvet should be ironed inside out.
9. The clothes made of acrylic fibers must be ironed inside out at low temperature, but not necessarily out of steam. Garments which contain fiber nylon and polyester should be ironed inside out when they are completely dry at low temperature and without steam or damp cloth.

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9 Mistakes you make when you iron