8 Shocking Things you didn’t know about your Pregnancy

The whole period of pregnancy is fascinating and represents a miracle in itself,since when the sperm fertilizes the egg and ending with birth.But if we enter into details,things are even more interesting.
Here are 8 Shocking Things about pregnancy that will let you stunned:

1.The longest documented pregnancy
As some births can take place earlier than 9 months,others can overcome this period.The longest known documented pregnancy was in 1945 and lasted more than a year (375 days).
The mother had 25 years old and was called Beulah Hunter,after a delay of 100 days compared to a normal pregnancy,she gave birth to a healthy girl (Penny Diana in her name).The delay was caused, doctors say,to the fact that the fetus grew lateand wasn’t ready to come forward.

2.The fetus feels the tastes of the second month
The nervous system of the fetus is able to distinguish tastes from the second month of pregnancy.
In the womb,the baby taste first the amniotic fluid in which he is submerged,so the first taste he will feel is the salty one.But whenever mother eats food,these food molecules will end up here in this fluid and the fetus will taste the sweets,fruit,and in general all food consumed by the mother.

3.The lactation of pregnant women can be stimulated by the baby crying
In the last weeks of pregnancy and early lactation,the lactation can be stimulated by hearing the weeping of the child,even if it is not their own child.

4.Children cry in the womb
Even before coming into the world children tend to cry.This was discovered thanks to technology that allows intrauterine ultrasound.It is unclear at this stage whether the unborn child cry because something is upsetting them or they are just training to make them sleepless nights to their parents.

5.Heart and feet of a pregnant woman get bigger
Not only the belly grow in size during pregnancy but also the heart and legs.This phenomenon is absolutely understandable if we think that now mother’s heart must beat for two and the feet must adapt to support the extra weight.

6.In the last 10 years caesarean births increased 3 times
More and more women are turning to caesarean births,either for good reasons(health reasons) or simply to avoid the pain of childbirth.

7.The placenta produces more estrogen in one day than the entire body of a unpregnant woman in three years
This phenomenon happens only in the last days of pregnancy. This happens because the body begin to prepare for lactation and throw in the battle the whole “ammunition”.

8.Tall or overweight women are more likely to give birth to twins
The phenomenon is explained by the fact that a corpulent woman has the resources to carry through multiple tasks,so the more corpulent and overweight is the future mother more likely she can give birth to twins(or triplets).

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8 Shocking Things you didn't know about your Pregnancy