8 Nail Problems That Reveal Your Health

Healthy nails should be semitransparent, pink and intact with a white crescent above the cuticle.
It is true that sometimes nails can have  white lines or white patches called leuconichie (not to worry) or may be infected with bacteria, viruses or fungi (however must be treated). But sometimes nail condition may tell you that you are sick. Here is what you should pay attention and what each change signifies. Decoding nail color change:

White nail syndrome
1. The entire nail is white. This change can indicate heart problems, kidney disease, cirrhosis, pulmonary tuberculosis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis.

2. Terry’s nails
The nail is largely opaque to an end with a dark stripe because nails are insufficiently irrigated with blood. These changes can be seen in 80% of patients suffering from cirrhosis or those experiencing congenital heart problems, hyperthyroidism, malnutrition, diabetes or HIV.

3. Muehrcke’s nails
Circulation failure in nail will cause them to be crossed by white horizontal stripes that extend across the nail bed. These lines will not grow with the nail because are on nail bed not in the nail. Health problems associated with Muehrcke’s nail are hypoalbuminemia, liver disease, malnutrition and nephrotic syndrome, but can occur as a side effect of chemotherapy.

4. Lindsay’s nails (nails half-half)
The lower half of the nail is white, while the upper half is pink-brown. The cause for this is the increased production of melanin in the upper part of the nail. Body disease may be responsible for these symptoms ranging from chronic kidney disease or HIV.

5. Mee lines
White horizontal lines are caused by microscopic fragmentation of the nail after the increase was disrupted. Mee line may indicate heart failure, Hodgkin’s disease, kidney failure, generalized infection or arsenic poisoning, thallium or other heavy metals.

6. Yellow nail syndrome
In this rare disease, nails are yellow-orange, are thickened and curved near the cuticle. This syndrome is associated with lymphedema (lymphatic drainage impaired), pleural effusion and bronchiectasis

7. blue nails
Nails turning blue, or just a crescent over – may indicate Wilson disease, silver poisoning or occurs after quinacrine therapy.

8. Red Lunula
When lunula becomes red, that could indicate hair loss, carbon monoxide poisoning, heart failure, obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic urticaria, cirrhosis, collagen vascular disease, treatment with oral prednisone or psoriasis.

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8 Nail Problems That Reveal Your Health