7 serious health issues caused by stress

Work, money, health, family relationships, lack of sleep and improper diet are stressors and three quarters of adults admit that they experienced an average stress level last month. It is a worrying statistic if we consider the diseases that stress can generate. Fatigue and the pressure felt every day at the workplace, is reflected on your body in the worst way possible. Here’s what can cause:

1. Psychiatric Disorders

Stress can lead to depression and anxiety, can cause nervousness, panic attacks and even delirium in the worst cases. Due to stress, the focusing ability decreases and tiredness and disinterest comes from the surrounding world. All this can lead to drug or alcohol addiction.

2. Increased cholesterol
Stress acts on metabolism causing fat deposits removal to drive them back in the muscles and provide energy. Basically, the body tries to get rid of this stress so. Hence the flip side. When we are stressed we eat more, smoke more, and this can cause high cholesterol.

3. Ulcer
Stress, anger or overwork triggers increasingly often gastric diseases. Duodenal ulcer is one of them. It occurs almost twice as often in men than women and usually occurs around age 25 to 45 years. Gallstones, biliary crisis, bouts of constipation or diarrhea are also effects of increased stress.

4. Weight gain
Stress increases cortisol, which causes increased appetite. Therefore, many people who suffer from stress and overwork eat at night. Therefore, it is good that in tense situations to use aromatherapy, considered anti-stress among other things.

5. Heart disease
Cardiovascular diseases are the consequence of stress, almost always present. Physical and emotional imbalance adversely affects the heart and blood vessels. Hence vasoconstriction, a small amount of oxygen to tissues, powerful heartbeats, hypertension, angina, and ultimately, heart attack.

6. Diabetes
Diabetes is favored by prolonged stress. Blood sugar levels go over maximum normal admitted limits and that because the body mobilizes to fight, to react to stressful situations. If the stress persists for a longer period, the regulating body mechanisms no longer reacts and so comes diabetes due to high levels of glucose in the blood.

7. Alzheimer’s
Even if it probably seems hard to believe, a very long period of time, when the body suffers from chronic stress or depression accelerates the destruction of nerve cells. From here to Alzheimer’s just a small step.

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7 Serious Heath Issues Caused By Stress