7 clever uses of hairdryer

Hair dryer functions should not be reduced just to the rapid hair drying. It can be very helpful in removing dust from inaccessible are in stickers removal, gum or pieces of hardened wax on fabric.

Removes wax
If you have furniture or fabrics stained with wax from candles you should not panic. You need a piece of paper to function of the hair dryer heat. Glue the piece of paper on the piece of hardened wax and start the hair dryer. Approaching the dryer nozzle at about 3 centimeters of the stain, while pressing the paper over wax. In more than three minutes, the wax is melted and already glued to the sheet of paper. For now you just need to gently remove the sheet and remove furniture with special oil or hot water to wash fabric.

Melts cosmetics
Do not get along with stick type products? Concealer or lipstick can be melted and molded into a special jar. In this way it can be stretched with fingers, whenever you need.
Prepare a jar or plastic bottle (up to 5 ml) sits stick, pencil or lipstick over the jar, starts the hair dryer at the highest temperature (not necessarily the highest speed) and wait the product to melt and to drain perfect in cosmetic container. In a maximum of 20 minutes will be completely dry and ready to use.

Comes off the parchment paper from the cake
If you prepared a cake, you stop the fire in the oven, but you leave the cake in the pan with parchment paper, you can use a hair dryer to peel off the parchment paper from the bottom of dough with no problems. Start the hair dryer over the heated baking paper on the base of the cake. In a few moments it will come off smoothly.
Separate the stickers
If you have tried all variations of separating stickers on wood or glass and nothing worked, you can opt for the hair dryer solution. Keep the hair dryer on the highest temperature above the sticker for 5-7 minutes. Try to come off the paper quickly. To speed peel, you can place a cloth soaked in hot water over the sticker.

Dry your tights
You need a certain tights, but you forgot to wash it after the last conversation? There is no problem. Wash it with hot soapy water, rinse it and wring it out well, and then start the hairdryer. With it you have tights prepared in just a few moments.
This advice goes for underwear or shirts and skirts from materials such as gauze.

Dry the bathroom mirror
It is quite annoying to bathe, and when you need the mirror, you realize that this is covered by steam. If you are going to dry use the hair dryer to quickly remove the steam from the mirror surface.

Removes dust
When you start cleaning, you discover that there are hardly accessible areas, which you cannot simply remove dust. For such places you can use the hair dryer at full speed. This trick will remove excess dirt and help to remove dust around that place.

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7 Clever Uses Of Hairdryer