6 unique cleaning tips

Do you feel disarmed in front of stains on the sink or the tub, stains and grease from clothing splinters walk you fear that you will go up? We have for you the most effective and exciting cleaning tricks, and the good news is you will not have to invest in expensive products. You have everything you need at home. Here’s how to clean the following items:

Stainless steel sink

For any type of stain removal on stainless steel sink, you need a lemon and coarse salt. Cut the lemon in half and put the cut side over the salt, so the salt chrysalises sticking on the lemon. Remove stains on sink well with half lemon with salt. After this, rinse the sink with warm water. Now stains should disappear and the sink will shine.


To clean the tub stains you need a grapefruit and common salt. Cut the fruit in half, sprinkle salt on the stain and rub well with salt areas where you put half grapefruit. Stains will disappear in no time.


If you think that the mattress on the bed began to have a strange odor, you should know that this is caused by mites. You can get rid of it using … vodka. Put vodka in a spray bottle and spray the mattress. Do not worry, the smell won’t remain impregnated. Place the mattress outside for several hours.


Burnt grill is not easy to clean. Don’t bother to rub the grill with a sponge, try a solution that we offer you: onion. Cut an onion in half and rub the grill bars well by half. Your effort will be less and the result will surprise you.


No matter how shameful it, we must recognize that all that happens to us sometimes drop food on us. The situation becomes more serious when it comes to be fatty foods. No need to panic this time either. Grease stains come out the clothes with white chalk or talcum powder. Sprinkle talcum powder on the stain and cover it with white chalk and let it act overnight. Remove chalk dust or talcum powder with a brush or a damp towel. Grease stain is gone!

Glass shards

If you broke something and you fear can’t gather the shards, especially small ones, use a few slices of white bread. It’s a real magnet, whether they are on the tiles, linoleum or carpet. Cut one to two slices and presses them on the area where you broke that object. The smallest fragments will adhere to the bread.

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6 unique cleaning tips