6 Tips and rules for a quick cleaning

Are you a busy person who does not have time to clean the house? Perfect. We have for you the best tips on how you can clean fast without your precious energy and time consuming. As you know, your house is your business card.

It can reveal about you if you are an orderly, neat, smart, attentive to details or if you are the opposite. Of course the easiest way is to hire a maid or a cleaning company, but why to do that when there are more practical ways to take care of the house every day. Put into practice our rules and tips to clean fast and you’ll never have an occasion to complain that you have no time for cleaning.
1.Organize your time
You know why cleaning professionals can do all the home work in a few hours? Because they are very well organized and know exactly with what to start and how to complete their tasks. Even if you are a busy person, it would be better to have a rule of allocating a specific time for cleaning. Even 10 minutes a day will help you have a more orderly house.
2.Make sure you have everything you need for cleaning
Cleaning products should always be in your house if you want to do it faster and better. So before starting, make sure you have everything you need. If you do not have all the necessary products, improvise using natural products. Lemons, vinegar, baking soda are the three Eco kings of cleanliness, so use them to almost anything (cleaning sinks and batteries, cleaning of the exterior appliances, floor cleaning etc.).
3.Make friends with your vacuum cleaner
It is time to stop seeing the vacuum as an enemy, but as a trusted friend. Vacuum the floors at least once every two days, the evening after dinner. Thus, you will be able to burn calories faster, but at the same time to have a cleaner and healthier house.
4.Work from the top down
Nothing is more annoying than to do the same job twice. Save time, working from top to bottom. For example, in the kitchen, get rid of unnecessary things, put things in place, wipe, clean and disinfects suspended furniture, then the sink, counter-top and appliances and in the end to wash the floor.
5.Keep order and discipline
A person with a busy schedule at work, who arrives home late and have to take care of children can never have an ordered house. This chaos will make the house look messy but if you impose order every day, you will definitely feel more comfort and you’ll feel like you stay in a cleaner house. So, order and discipline!
6.Be multitasking
There is no point to clean the all house in one day, when you can do it regularly. For example, in the evening, while talking to your significant other about the events of the day, start the washing machine and clean the sink. Or, while talking with your mother on the phone, wipe the stove. Or, during the newscast on TV, sort laundry to wash or iron the clothes for the next day. If you learn to be multitasking, you’ll have more time for pleasurable activities.
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