6 Objects and Surfaces You Should Clean Every Week

Certain surfaces in your home can not and must not be cleaned every day. They can be cleaned smoothly, weekly. Discover which are those 6 surfaces or things that can be cleaned once every seven days.

1. Kitchen
Even if you cook daily and clean every time, you do not have enough time to clean the kitchen as it should. Nor appropriate, especially as proper cleaning would last at least two hours and that means your little spare time during the week will be scattered. If you would clean your kitchen weekly you will gain more precious time.
Clean the refrigerator first, both inside and outside. Disinfect it and remove odors with a cloth soaked in vinegar. Do not forget to clean the cabinets, table, stove, microwave and sink.
2. Trash cans
Whether it’s about the kitchen, bathroom or rooms trash cans, these objects should be cleaned and disinfected weekly.
Kitchen and the bathroom trash cans are the dirtiest, therefore require a thorough cleaning. Add a little dishwashing detergent began in cans and then fill them with hot running water, so they dissolve completely the cleaning product. Leave hot water and detergent to act for 20 minutes and then wash it with a sponge. Finally spray vinegar all over the cans, let it dry, then you can use it again.
3. Air conditioning filters
When you use daily air conditioner, filters collect dust, hair and other impurities that, at some point, get in the house. Remove filters and wash them weekly with a sponge soaked in detergent and running water. After it dries you can put them in place.
4. Laundry
Saturday is usually the most appropriate day to wash the clothes gathered throughout the week. Sort of the black and white stained clothes and then put them in the washing machine. To disinfect fabrics add one cup of vinegar to each cycle program. The smell of vinegar will evaporate as the clothes will dry. Vinegar is good not only for textiles, but also for a deep cleansing of the washing machine and to eliminate odors that accumulate over time.
5. Bathroom
Immediately after you start the washing program for clothes, you should start to clean the bathroom. Wash and disinfect the tub, sink and toilet bowl. Wash ceramic tiles, glass and mirrors. Also, clean the battery from the sink and tub with some toothpaste and then rinse with warm water. Finally add on the corners of the bathroom one drop of essential oil of eucalyptus – it disinfects and maintains freshness in room.
6. Sheets
Change the bedding with clean ones each week. Do not forget to shake and ventilate the quilt and cushions before reusing them. This will eliminate some of the impurities, dirt and dead skin layers accumulated over time.
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6 Objects and Surfaces You Should Clean Every Week