6 mistakes you make when you clean your house

Ready with all tools on you: mop, brush, cloth, spray solutions and housewives start the cleaning. Even in the house is upside down, in the end you will be able to see the result of your hard work. House cleaning is an opportunity for homeowners to redecorate to get rid of the old stuff and replace them with new ones.

All housewives know what to do when it comes to cleaning. Here are some mistakes you do not you realize you are making.
1.According to polls, 99% of surveyed housewives said they spray spread over the surface of the furniture when dusting. First, if you proceed in this way you consume more products. Secondly, until you get to wipe the entire surface, the cream prints on wood and dries, it becomes sticky and difficult to spread. Depending on the product you use, stains may remain. It is best to spray the contents on a soft cloth and then wipe the surface.
2.If you rub the tube with abrasives substance it will lose its luster. Rather than using such substances once a week, better clean it every day with non-abrasive detergents.
3.If the weather I sunny you think is the ideal time to clean the windows. It is not like that. Being hot outside, the windows will dry too quickly and stains will remain. The best time clean the windows it’s when is cloudy. And if you want to follow the trend and to be Eco when you clean your house, the best way to clean the windows is to prepare a mixture from 50 ml of vinegar combined with 500 ml of water and a few drops of liquid detergent. Use a microfiber cloth.
4.When it comes to stains, some housewives can rub to hard the stain thinking that they will remove it. It is true that mineral water or soda are good for sofa fabric and helps to remove stains, but if you rub thoroughly you do nothing but helping the stain to go further into the fabric. Soak the cloth and rub gently. When the cloth gets dirty, rinse or change the section, to be always clean.
5.I do not say that it should be hot, but if you wash your oven when is too cold you won’t clean it well. Once you’ve prepared something in the oven, leave to cool slightly (10-15 minutes), then spray a non-abrasive substance (or a homemade paste of baking soda and water). Leave it on for 20 minutes, then scrub with a plastic brush or with a cloth and rinse with a sponge. If you have no time or mood to clean up after you’ve prepared something in the oven when you decide to wash it, heat it to 250 degrees and then apply the above.
6.If you have a pet and you are used to vacuum to get rid of their hair, you make a big mistake. In your desire to get rid of them you do nothing than to scattered back. For surfaces such as flooring, slate floors, is indicated to use an electrostatic mop. For soft surfaces (carpets, sofas) are indicated brushes and rollers adhesive.
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6 Mistakes You Make When You Clean Your House