6 Kettlebell Exercises for Strong and Toned Abs


Are you looking for some equipment that will tone your muscles, speed up your metabolism, and slim down your body? Grab some kettlebells and make the difference part of your life. By using them, your body will strengthen and improve balance and stability. It has a unique shape that allows you to push, pull and swing it like no other equipment. Also, there is a wide range of exercises that can be performed with kettlebells.

Check out the following exercises for a toned and slim body, more highlighted muscles, less fat and more power and endurance.

1.Kettlebell Deadlifts
Deadlifts are a great exercise that should be part of everyones’ training routine. It is an excellent exercise to define the hips, hamstrings, glutes and lower back. Don’t forget to keep the back straight in order to avoid injuries.

Stand shoulder-distance apart and place the kettlebell between your legs. Bend in a squat and grab the kettlebell with both hands. Make sure your back is straight and your knees are not over your toes. Lean forward to put more pressure on the glutes.

Pull your shoulders backwards, for a better posture and stand up by pushing with your heel. Stand up and squeeze your glutes. Repeat the movement. Perform this exercise as the main exercise or as a complementary exercise to the barbell squat or the barbell deadlift.

2.Kettlebell Swing
This exercise is amazing for strengthening your body and melt your fat. It targets your hamstrings, glutes, core, back and provides excellent results because it repeats so quickly. Also, this posture improves other exercises like squats or deadlift. Don’t avoid doing this exercise and combine it with kettlebell deadlifts – this combination will have a fantastic effect on your body.

Stand in a deadlift position with the kettlebell on the ground in front of you. Grab the kettlebell with your hands and swing it between your legs. Then, contracting your glutes stand up and the kettlebell should reach your chest or belly button. Don’t forget that your arms are just holding the kettlebell, they don’t lift it. The entire action is performed by the glutes.

While performing this exercise, you could face two problems:

  1. Squatting instead of deadlifting.
  2. Using your arms too much.

As an option, you could wrap a towel around the kettlebell handle and let it move freely.

Use this exercise to start your workout or at the end of the training to totally kill your muscles.

3.Kettlebell Push Press
This exercise is amazing because it sculpts your upper body, defining your shoulders, traps and triceps. Also, the core is engaged for stability, because you move the energy from your lower body to your upper body.

Stand in a slight bend position, holding the kettlebell at your chest, it standing on the outside and your fist underneath your chin. Keep the back flat, core tight, chest up, shoulders back, wrist straight.

Pump up and drive the arm with the kettlebell over your head. When your arm is straight up, make sure it stands next to your face and the wrist is fixed. Lower the kettlebell and return back to the starting position, then repeat the motion again.

This exercise is good both as a workout starter or finisher for shoulders.

4.Kettlebell Clean
This exercise develops strength and coordination. It targets both your lower and upper body.

Stand in a deadlift position with the kettlebell on the ground in front of you. Grab the kettlebell with one hand and swing it between your legs. Then, contracting your glutes, stand up in the rack position (slightly bent) and make sure the kettlebell doesn’t hit you.

For avoiding injuries, make sure your arm is strong enough for the kettlebell landing. It should gently land on your arm, not hit you with the greatest force.

Execute this exercise when starting the workout or when finishing it.

5.Kettlebell Snatch
This exercise has something in common with the kettlebell swing and kettlebell clean, but it’s more efficient, because the equipment travels a more distance.

Stand in a deadlift position with the kettlebell on the ground in front of you. Grab the kettlebell with one hand and swing it between your legs. Then, contracting your glutes, stand up and drive your arm over your head. Slowly put the kettlebell on the floor and alternate arms.

Make sure to hold your wrist in place to avoid injuries when your arm is overhead. Perform this exercise as a workout starter or as a workout finisher.

6.Kettlebell Windmill
This exercise is very dynamic, targeting your obliques, shoulders and hips.

Hold with one hand a kettlebell over your head. Keep the feet at shoulder-distance apart, legs straight, toes pointing away from the kettlebell. Lean at the side, while keeping the arm with the kettlebell raised and in line with your shoulder. Keep the back flat. The other arm should touch the ground. Keep your sight at the kettlebell.

Perform this exercise to warm up your core muscles, joints and increase flexibility.

For a challenge, you could try the following combination:

KB Swing x 8
KB Snatch x 8
KB Clean x 8
KB Push Press x 8
KB Windmill x 8
KB Goblet Squat x 8

After finishing one exercise go straight to the other one, without resting and letting the kettlebell out of your hands. This will burn a lot, but the result is totally worth it. Good luck!

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6 Kettlebell Exercises for Strong and Toned Abs


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