6 hidden symptoms of cervical cancer that should not be ignored

Cervical cancer is the second cause of death among women after breast cancer. Cervical cancer has few symptoms that many women ignore.

Pain or swelling of the legs
In the early stages of the disease, many women complain of pain or swelling of legs. Cervical cancer can inhibit normal blood circulation, which can cause these symptoms.

Urinary problems
Cervical cancer can be detected even at urinalysis. Unfortunately, however, when it is visible in urine tests, it is already at an advanced stage, according healthyteam.com. Patients diagnosed with cervical cancer say that they felt pain and burning on urination.

Bleeding outside the days of menstruation
When tumors develop, the menstrual cycle becomes irregular and bleeding may occur on days outside of menstruation period. Therefore, any “suspect” bleeding should be examined by a doctor.

Painful intercourse
While having vaginal intercourse, you may experience some pain and discomfort. This pain can be caused by infections that can lead to cervical cancer. Note if you experience any bleeding during or after intercourse as well, as this too could be a sign of cervical cancer.

Vaginal discharge
While some vaginal discharge is normal, a sudden increase of discharge is a key sign of cervical cancer. It may be a watery, pale, bloody, foul-smelling discharge that is a cause for alarm.

Treatment Options Available
The treatment of cervical cancer is highly dependant upon the different stages. If caught early, cervical cancer is highly treatable, with a 93 percent survival rate in the first 5 years after diagnosis. If cervical cancer is found in its more advanced stages, treatments may include:

Targeted therapy

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6 hidden symptoms of cervical cancer that should not be ignored