6 Foods that you daily eat and should avoid for flat stomach

Diet is very important if you want a flat stomach, not to mention the famous six packs or eight packs. In addition to exercise, you should have a proper diet, especially if you’re a woman. Yes, we women are genetically constructed to deposit subcutaneous fat more easily than men.

Just as in the case of cellulite. Of course it is easier to choose if you know what NOT to eat. So here is the list of enemy foods of a flat stomach:

1. Fries
Even the healthiest food by frying in much oil contain saturated fats, bad fats that become the source of fat. Potatoes, for example, boiled or baked and then cooled will help you lose weight. And 100 grams contain around 80 calories. The same 100 grams, if you fry, containing 400 calories and bad fat that turns into fat deposits around the waist and bad cholesterol.

2. Meat and processed cheeses
They are full of saturated fats, salt, preservatives, synthetic additives and other nonsense that make the body store fat and increase cholesterol levels.

3. Pastries
Contain huge quantities of refined sugar, are made white flour with high glycemic load are full of fats and poor quality. Yes, I know, they are very tasty. You see the grease spots on the packaging? Well, think that grease will fix where you wish to have packs. Instead choose a fruit, some nuts or dairy desserts with low fat, sugar substitutes, brown or whole meal natural and healthy.

4. Snacks
Have the same effects as processed meat and cheese. To that adds carbohydrate intake of poor quality, made from flour with high glycemic load.

5. Eating fast food
Just like in the case of fried foods, the problem is with the way it is prepared and that it has many preservatives, flavor enhancers, etc. Plus the fast food mania to combine everything that was invented on the planet, in one meal: chips, bread, sauce, meat, soda, etc. And then you get a caloric bomb. That’s why in civilized countries, the main cause of death is cardiovascular disease.

6. Sodas
They have high calories, contain refined sugar plus a ton of preservatives, sweeteners, flavor enhancers and many other synthetic dirt that can cause obesity. Better drink water, teas and homemade juices.

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