6 Exercises to do at Home to get rid of Belly fat


Pilates exercises are very good for toning, mobility, energy and relaxation. It is recommended that when you are performing them listen to soft and unsolicited music; this is how you will better maintain the rhythm of the exercises.
It is very important that when you practice this type of exercises to focus on every movement that you do and never hurry up. The rhythm of your breathing is also essential during these exercises. You need to deeply inhale and exhale all air from your lungs, by respecting the rhythm of these exercises.

What are the benefits of doing abs?

When abs exercises are performed improperly, they can cause immense pain and even injury in your lower back. This is why you would never want to do abs again. However, if performed correctly, the main advantage of doing abs is that this type of exercises is able to strengthen your abdominal muscles. You can practically teach your abdominal muscles to work in a coordinated way, when performing pushups, crunches or side planks. Besides this main advantage there are other benefits as well.

Crunches are there for you to do anytime, no matter if you are at home, on the go or at the gym. They don`t require any additional equipment; all you have to do is learn to do them correctly, so that you can tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles properly. Crunches also require you to slow down during the training and focus on every detail of your movements. It doesn’t matter what kind of fitness program you choose, abs can be integrated in all of them! From flexibility routines and strength-training to various aerobic programs, crunches should never be excluded. Back pain is possible to heal with proper abs exercises as well.

Pilates exercises to do at home for flat abdomen

Here are the 6 Pilates exercises for the perfect abdomen:

  1. Lie down on the mattress, support yourself on your hands and lift your legs bent. Make a rotating movement to the left and to the right. Repeat this movement about 10 times, to the right and to the left, without hurrying up and focusing on your breathing.
  2. Do the same movement as described in exercise 1, but this time with stretched legs. Also, repeat this exercise more times, to the right and to the left.
  3. Lie down on your back, with your hands and legs perfectly stretched. Keep a distance of 30 degrees between your legs. Stand up with your stretched arms and then lie down again.
  4. At this exercise, you don`t have to touch the floor anymore with your hands and legs. Get up from the mattress, with your knees at your chest and hands at your head, and then stretch your legs. Be careful to do gentle movements.
  5. Do abs with one lifted leg, and then repeat this exercise with the other leg.
  6. Lie down on your back and do a gentle movement of shear with each leg. Your head needs to be on the floor.

Do these efficient Pilates exercises and see the results of your flat abdomen yourself!

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6 Exercises to do at Home to get rid of Belly fat
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