6 exercises more effective than running


In a world where obesity is a real problem, all people want to be fit and enjoy a slim silhouette. We all know that the main weapon against obesity, are strenuous exercise. But not many people love exercise and especially running. However there are a variety of exercises that you can do in your home or garden, which are more effective in toning your body than running.

The exercises listed below will work different parts of the body other and can help to keep you in shape and why not, to lose weight.

Climbing is extremely efficient and give magnificent results, because this sport actively engages the entire body. Despite the increasing movement, these exercises strengthen the muscles of legs and arms. It takes a few sets of 50 repetitions.

Jump rope
This is an amazing cardio exercise because it increases the body’s resistance while burning calories. Use a rope to accelerate your rhythm and get out of your daily routine.

High knee sprints
Generally this is done instantly, staying in the same place, but this time you must and run. It is very effective in burning calories and accelerating heart rate even more than jogging or running.
You can run in the same pace, but for best results, the speed should be increased. Moreover, you can add and running, but it requires a break between the two to slow down.

Is an exercise that puts your entire body moving also improves your endurance and aim for the central body. Quicken the pace after a few sets. Try to do as quickly as possible. For best results, you need 100 such exercises daily so you will see results after a week.

Long jumps
To make them properly, you need more space stretched, so you can jump as far as you can. Feet must remain firm on the ground, then give your best to jump as far as you can. 10-20 jumps set for at least three times. This exercise will help in strengthening the balance, strengthening the body.

Tuck Jumps
This is another effective way to improve body strength and burn calories. Moreover, there is no need for a larger space. While doing this exercise, stretch your arms in front, and as you jump, pull your knees to your chest with your hands trying to touch them using your hands. Try to do as many of these jumps as you can.

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6 exercises more effective than running


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