6 Diet Mistakes

For women today is hard to lose weight, especially when you are looking for diets from the internet. There are many mistakes out there and even if you are trying your best to lose weight you will probably gain weight. So, I will tell you which are the 6 most common diet mistakes that you, unwittingly,are making:

1. Foods that you eat and think are “low-fat”
You think that if you eat a low fat food will help you enjoy your favourites foods, but what you don’t know about the low fat foods is that the fat is replace with tons of additives. These additives give them texture and enhance the taste and are based on sugar. Read very carefully the labels because sugar causes weight gain not lose weight.

2. Unhealthy foods that you think are healthy
Every one of us likes cereals and us women mostly muesli. We like these because we think that is a healthy choice to start our day. What we don’t know is that these mixture of oats,wheat flakes and fruits are overloaded with sugar. Once again, read carefully the labels of what you think that is a healthy food.

3. Drinks that you think are pure and natural with “0 calories”
You are out of work , at your home , and you get out of your fridge a cold soda(no sugar) or concentrated orange juice, thinking that is ok for your diet. You think that a fruit juice is a natural juice and it’s ok your you. Only that these drinks containe a high level of sugar. A better solution for your body is a fruit-infused water with no sugar added.

4. Peer pressure
You chose to go out with your friends, because you like the way your night goes, after a hall week at work, the usual routine day by day, it’s relaxing being with your friends. Only that it’s ok when they are supporting you on your healthy choices you make by ordering healthy food, it’s not ok when they are encourage you to wave your diet restrictions and split a pizza for example… they are not respecting your efforts or choices. Sticking with your healthy choices is a way to never sway from your goals.

5.Portions Sizes
In the last years we observed that the portions sizes in restaurants have been increased. It’s been proven that we eat almost all from our plates, the bigger our plates are, the more we eat. So be careful when you order something to check the portion size, we are the only ones who can control the amount of food that we eat, and this way control our weight.

6.Getting enough sleep
Another thing that is very important when you start a diet is your sleep. No matter how much you workout or eat healthy, sleep can still ruin your plans if you are not getting enough sleep. A perfect sleep is one of 8 hours, this way you reduce your food cravings plus you will wake up more energized.
I hope that these mistakes I’ve just told you, will help you in the future. Be really carefully, your body has to lose weight when you are on a diet, not gain weight!!!

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6 Diet Mistakes