5 Tips to prevent running injuries


For many of us, running is one of the most accessible sports: you can practice it almost anywhere, you only need beautiful weather and a pair of sneakers. Or, however, it requires a little more care, attention and knowledge? Although running is a sport for everyone, runners can have many injuries – some studies show that an alarming percentage of over 74% of runners suffer injuries during exercise more than those who practice professional football.

The most common injuries in case of running are inappropriate footwear or may be related to a body biomechanics’ flaw. The good news is that most of the injury during running can be prevented. Here are 5 tips to prevent injuries when you run:
1. Avoid excesses
Many of injury are a result of excess running: increased intensity too many kilometers, too fast. It is important to create your own training plan of gradual progress, both in terms of intensity and in terms of mileage that you impose. The objective of mileage each week should not increase by more than 10%. Overcome your limits, but do it gradually and patiently. By gradually increasing the exercise you will save yourself from pain and frustration.
2. Appropriate footwear is crucial in the case of running
Be sure you wear worn-out shoes and you have the right model for your feet and running style. Inappropriate footwear can aggravate existing problems, causing pain in the feet, knees or hips.
Wearing a pair of shoes that lost damping can also lead to injury. Pay attention to such details – it may save many headaches and pain!
3. Find the right area to work out
Once you’ve found the right pair of sneakers, you want to be sure that you use the best surface. Ideally, you want the soil to absorb shock, not to convey feet. Avoid hard soil as much as possible: it is about 10 times harder than asphalt and is considered a terrible surface for running.
Softer surfaces are recommended, such as grass or ground that has not been asphalted/arranged for other purposes. You also want to avoid sharp turns, so try searching for a route with curves straight lines.
4.Be rigorous
A regular program of stretching may be key to injury prevention. Be very strict about stretching after running – your body will make you pay if you get lazy at this.
5. Keep a balance
Injuries usually occur when the muscles are too overused during the run and you forget about other body parts. For example, knee pain sometimes occurs because running strengthens your back leg muscles than the front ones.
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5 Tips to prevent running injuries


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