5 things that happen to your body in an hour after drinking Coke

After being accused of causing cancer, Coca-Cola decided to change the method of manufacturing the beverage by changing the way it uses caramel which gives brown color to the beverage and that is carcinogenic. The measures are provided only for the United States and even if drink will be implemented remain a health hazard. I know everyone will tell you that it’s not good to drink Coke.

But now, a chemist made a list of what exactly is happening in the first hour after drinking this beverage. Here are five effects it has on your body.
A pharmacist knew the name Niraj explained, truththeory.com site, what happens when you drink the well-known carbonated drink. “Not only is it full of corn syrup and fructose, but it has refined salt and caffeine. Lengthy consumption leads to problems with blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes and obesity,” said the pharmacist, according to metro.co.uk.

Here are five things that happen to your body when you drink Coke:
1. In the first 10 minutes after you drink 75 ml, 10 teaspoons of sugar enters your system. The amount is so high that you will normally vomit, but the phosphoric acid from the beverage cut nausea.
2.  20 minutes after you take a sip of Coke, you have high levels of insulin in the blood. The liver answers to that converting all sugar into fat.
3. 40 minutes after you drink the juice, caffeine absorption is complete. Your pupils dilate, sugar level increases and liver “throws” more sugar in the body.
4. At 45 minutes, the production of dopamine, a substance that precedes the formation of adrenaline stimulates your brain nerve centers. This effect is similar to that of heroin.
5. At 60 minutes, you’ll feel the need to go to the bathroom and you’ll be annoyed. Soon enough you will probably drink some coke again.

A woman in New Zealand died from Coca-Cola addiction. She drank 7.5 liters of cola every day, and the doctor who dealt with her case found that she suffered from hypokalemia, a condition that requires the existence of a low level of potassium in the body and that it was caused most likely by high consumption of Coca-Cola. The doctor believes that another factor that may have contributed to the woman’s death would have been the high level of caffeine contained by this drink.

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5 Things That Happen To Your Body In An Hour After Drinking Coke