5 steps to clean the house in less than an hour

Sometimes we feel like clutter takes over our homes. The house is not equally inviting, and the chaos that reigns in the room ruin our joy to work or to relax. When you have little time and do not want to spend a whole day to clean out the whole house, you have to plan your moves well, be fast and never clean twice the same place.

Here’s what to do if you want to clean the entire house in less than an hour, and to put everything in place:
1. Put dirty clothes in the washing machine (5 minutes)
Collect the dirty clothes, fast,  and put them in the washing machine. If you start  the cleaning process in this way you won’t have problem when you clean the house.
For increased efficiency, you must have a washing machine adapted to your needs and volume of clothes, every time you wash.
2. Bedroom (10 minutes)
Gather all unnecessary things and put them in place in the closet or in drawers. Make the bed! Do not bother to put under the mattress the sheet using your both hands, just lift the mattress corners with one hand and with the other one place the sheet, underneath.
Then, with a dry cloth, dust the furniture and start the entire process from a corner. Advance clockwise. After you put everything in place and you dusted, vacuum systematically, starting with the farthest are from the door.
3. Bath (10 minutes)
First apply the cleaning solution on the sink, tub and toilet bowl and leave it to act.
Clean the mirror top down, with a special solution for such surfaces. Then go back to the bathroom and clean stubborn stains with the solution that you’ve applied a few minutes ago. Clean sink, shower and bath, then wash the floor with a mop.
4. The kitchen (15 minutes)
First, dust the furniture in the kitchen. Then wash the dishes and cutlery and let them dry on the specific surface, next to the sink.
Clean the stove and countertop and then the sink with a special solution for such surfaces.
Then you can clean the refrigerator, dishes and cutlery then wipe with a soft cloth.
After everything is in place, wipe the floor with a mop, just as you did in the bathroom, since the farthest from the door.
5. The living room (15 minutes)
Place everything in order, then wipe the dust starting from a corner of the room and moving up, clockwise. Always wipe surfaces toward the far side closest to you, to let the dust fall on the floor.
Make glass and windows shine, cleaning them with a special solution and a soft dry cloth. Then vacuum the floor. If you look at the clock, it’s been 55 minutes since you started to clean and now it regained its beauty.
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5 steps to clean the house in less than an hour