5 Rules to Keep Order at Home

There are a lot of people who don’t have time for anything to do, but their home is always clean. You should do the same – lack of time is definitely not an excuse for not keeping order in your house!

You should never have randomly thrown things in every corner of your home, even if your boyfriend just left home from you since several hours. There should be no trace of unwashed dishes; everything has to be at its right place.

If you can’t do the same, ask people around you how they are doing it, without any help and they will enumerate to you several rules for maintaining order at home. It is a good thing to teach your children from young ages to do the same. In theory these rules are going to sound so good that you’ll hardly wait to start applying them!

Rules to maintain order at home effortlessly

  1. Stop the mess before it gets formed!

We tend to keep a lot of useless things – because they have a sentimental value or because we believe that we’ll need them one day. Try to throw away every useless object from the past (for example, recycle some of the notebooks in which you wrote when you were a little child); don’t buy more bulky souvenirs from every place that you visit and keep only those that you believe you will be using in the near future. The more minimalist you live, the less the effort to make order will be!

  1. Order in the refrigerator

The closet and the refrigerator are the places where is the biggest mess. And living with others in the house makes it even more difficult to find your favorite clothes and aliments. But if you use a certain compartment of the refrigerator where you place the food that help you to prepare a snack quickly (spices, sausage, cheese, pasta, salad and vegetables), you solved the problem. This is how you’ll save precious time. If the won time seems to be still insufficient, read more about time management.

  1. Ask for the help of your children

If you have children, you should really do this. After all, one part of the mess and chaos is their masterpiece. When you want to involve your children into this process, you need to present it to them as an entertaining and fun game. Establish a period in which each child will have to clean a room and then a prize that you compensate the winner with.

  1. Establish a day for each room

If you don’t have anyone to help you with cleaning and you have a lot of things to do, it is suggested to use every day for each room or for an activity. Establish a day in which you vacuum, another one when you wash your things and so on. Thus you won’t sacrifice one entire day and you won’t perceive all this activity as an insupportable chore.

  1. Do one thing at a time

Time pressure used us with simultaneously doing more things, but if you want order around, you need to start with your mind. Take things one by one, eventually make a list to yourself and don’t get to the next point before finishing the previous one.

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5 Rules to Keep Order at Home