5 Reasons why you can’t Lose Weight

If you wish to lose weight but you simply can’t reach your goal, here are 5 reasons to take into consideration – probably they are applicable in your situation as well! You are still not eating plenty of vegetables. You gave up with junk food, but thoughts for lighter options don’t make you feel joyful at all. You simply prepare a sandwich with turkey and cheese, but there is no clue of vegetables.

Try to prepare for your sandwich a small salad as well that consists of spinach, tomatoes and onion, and then prepare a sauce with olive oil and basil. Keep it like that!

You are still drinking commercial juices at your breakfast. It is very important what you eat but even more significant what you drink because sugar is such a big sinner that nowadays can be found even in the products that you don’t expect for. Do you believe that your orange juice is inoffensive? You are probably right, but only if you prepare it at home. In addition, it is good to consume it as a snack as well, between your meals, especially because in this beverage there are several great fruits entered, meaning a high concentration of natural sugars. This is the reason why it is recommended that you consume the fruits exactly as they are, in their natural and raw form.

When you don’t rest well, your body needs energy and it reflexively and traditionally asks for sugars. If you have been eating a chocolate for years, just to regulate your heart rhythm, when you are down because of tenderness after lunch, things will not suddenly change – you will have to be conscious and make other healthier and better choices. Sleep at least 7-8 hours overnight and have your last meal with at least 2 to 3 hours before going to sleep.

Just because you have physical activity, it doesn’t mean that you automatically have to eat more. Some people believe that sport represents an excuse for eating more. This will anyway never help them to lose weight. There always has to be a calorie deficiency when you are willing to get rid of your extra pounds. Briefly, you train yourself intensively and you focus on eating healthily and smartly, but not more than you have been used with consuming before regularly starting to workout.

You don’t have time to arrive to your training. Do at home a short workout that lasts for 10 minutes. We all have full lives and we sometimes simply can’t make it to arrive to our training session. However, YouTube is full of training sessions that you can do comfortably at home, in your own room. All you have to do is choose one of them and do it on a regular basis. Even 10 minutes of physical activity are vital for your body and your overall health.

These are the 5 main reasons why you are unable to lose weight, when you are working on this ‘project’. If any of them are applicable to you, do your best about avoiding these huge mistakes and see the difference. You will definitely notice your weight loss changes soon!

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5 Reasons why you can’t Lose Weight