5 Native American Remedies that Prove Their Effectiveness Even Nowadays

Native American medicine is popular for its efficacy. Moreover, it is not toxic and has no side effects. We used to consume some of the herbs that were used by the Native Americans and we do not even realize it! These plants are part of the modern holistic medicine. Besides plants, the Native Americans had some more remedies against the pestilence. Here are several of these natural remedies.

Ritualistic Purification
Although the Native Americans were not dealing too often with toxins, as well as various kinds of bacteria and viruses like we have now, they used ritualistic purification as a health practice. This included the fasting or abstinence from certain kinds of food for a particular period. Another ritual was involving the spending of certain time in a type of space that seems now like a primitive sauna, to sweat and remove all the impurities from the organism.

The Native Americans knew how important is relaxation for their body. Probably this is what we should learn from them, especially because most of us are used to live in a continuous hurry. For relaxation, the Native Americans used most often chamomile. So, do not avoid trying to stop, relax for 10-15 minutes and sip a hot cup of chamomile tea to recharge.

Communal Living for Stress Diminishing
In general, you will not hear about any kind of connection between the Native Americans and stress. This is because, if they were stressed, they had a great remedy that could put an end to it. First of all, the Native Americans were not working individually, all the tasks were equally shared and that is why – accomplished. Food gathering, cooking, shelter building, taking care of children – everything was shared in the community. In present, each of us strives to achieve certain tasks alone, without anybody’s help, thus we take on our shoulders a too heavy loading. Support is a vital part of every society, in particularly to fight against stressful situations. Namely support and help are the key to a peaceful life.

Echinacea is popular for its powerful properties of boosting the immune system. The Native Americans were usually appealing to it when they had cold symptoms. Our immune system is the one of which we have to take care in order to be healthy. There are lots of ways how you can take Echinacea: pills, sprays, or even drink tea. It is known that children are the most predisposed to different kinds of diseases, and fortunately Echinacea can be consumed by children as well. So, if your immune system is not as strong as you wanted, give a try to this Native Americans’ remedy.

Whole Food
Raw food was the main kind of food of the Native Americans until the introduction of the foreign contagions. The consumption of processed food is a widely spread problem nowadays in the whole world. This causes the development of obesity and other diseases related to overweight. A proper diet can solve the problem. However, a normal diet does not consist only of vegetables, fruits and diverse types of seeds. It is not always the solution for the problem. It should comprise meat as well. But again, the Native Americans were not eating meat loaded with steroids or other chemicals like you can find now. That is why I advise you to be careful and always check the source of the product before buying it.

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5 Native American Remedies that Prove Their Effectiveness Even Nowadays