5 Myths about what you shouldn’t do while you’re on your period

What can you do to shorten your period? What is it forbidden to do at that time of the month? The answer is the same: nothing. Find the most common myths about menstruation in the following lines:

1. During menstruation you’re not allowed to exercise. On the contrary, it’s good to exercise, as it may reduce pain and discomfort associated with menstruation. This myth originated in the days when it was believed that a menstruating woman is a sick or dirty woman. Then ladies spent their days isolated at home, not being allowed to exercise and interact with others.

2. During menstruation you shouldn’t wash your hair or bath
Bathing, showering, washing hair, all are allowed. There is no reason to avoid them. A warm bath can help to relax the muscles and relieve menstrual cramps. Theoretically, you should avoid cold baths because they can trigger uterine contractions, and menstrual pain gets worse.

3. Tampons are dangerous because trigger the toxic shock
If you feel more comfortable when using tampons, toxic shock is not a reason to give them up. Toxic shock syndrome is a real and serious disease, but occurs very rarely and only under certain conditions. And it is not even closely related to tampons. It’s true that their use is a risk factor, but half of cases occur in women who are not menstruating. As long as you follow the rules of hygiene and often change the internal buffer you have nothing to worry about.

4. You shouldn’t dye your hair during menstruation
Again, no relation. The dye will work as well as in your normal days and your health is also not in danger. Dye your hair as usual.

5. You cannot have sex during menstruation
If you and your partner can skip the unpleasant view, there is no reason to abstain from sex. For you it’s even beneficial, especially because orgasm diminishes discomfort. And the pleasure is more intense in those days because the vagina is more sensitive.

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