5 Exercises for Bulging Buttocks

Buttocks represent one of those body areas that we are mostly interested in. Let us face it: a beautiful form and the toned aspect of the buttocks are like slightly increasing our self-confidence. Good news is that the buttocks are some muscles that can be transformed according to how you want them to look like, if you execute adequate exercises.

Glutens are formed of 3 different muscles (the big buttocks muscle, the middle buttocks muscle and the small buttocks muscle). The more time you spend with sitting at the office on these muscles, you will observe how they start to soften and to lose from their form. Being a big and hard muscle, it is even possible that it sinks, if you don`t offer training to it on a regular basis. The proper training gives your buttocks back its natural, firm and bulging aspect. Even more, once you start training your buttocks muscles, you will also burn a lot of calories!

If you are dreaming of bulging and firm buttocks, you need to start practicing sport. With a little effort, will and exercises that work on the buttocks muscles, you will obtain an appetizing and visibly toned butt.

Here are the best exercises that you can do for strengthening your buttocks muscles:

  1. Lie down on the floor, leaning on your knees and palms. Lift up your right leg bent until your hips, and then stretch it. Repeat this movement 10 times for each leg.
  2. From the standing position bent your right leg so that the sole of your foot arrives behind the knee of your left leg. Lift up your right hand to your shoulder, and the left one up near your head. Maintain the position of your hands and execute the stretching of the right leg backwards. Bring your right leg back to its initial position, bent and with the sole of your foot behind the left knee. Repeat this movement 15 times for each leg.
  3. Stand on your legs united and knees slightly bent. Place your hands on the left knee and lift the heel of your right foot (like you would stand on your heels). Stretch your right leg sideways and then bring it back to its initial position. Execute this movement 10 times for each leg.
  4. Stay straight, with heels slightly united outwards and hands on your hips. Slightly bent your knees and then stand up on your heels. Maintain this position for 5 seconds and then come back to the initial position. Repeat this movement 15 times.
  5. Lie down on the floor. Lift up your legs so that you would unite your soles (like frogs). Your hands remain next to your body. Stretch your legs and depart them as much as you can, and then bring them back to their initial position. Repeat these movements 15 times, and then you can change the order (departed legs, frog position, legs stretched on the floor) and to repeat them 15 more times.

Follow these exercises and do them regularly and accordingly, in combination with proper dieting and you will definitely have an A+ butt!

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5 Exercises for Bulging Buttocks
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