5 diseases caused by microwave oven

We all have a microwave in the kitchen, which is one of the appliances that make life easier. But how many of us know the dangers we expose ourselves using it day by day, in a hurry or just convenience? The secret of the oven is a small device called magnetron, which converts the received electricity to short-frequency radio waves, that is, in a kind of electromagnetic radiation.

These waves directly affect the water molecules in food to vibrate which produces heat. So that’s how you heat or cook food in the microwave.
Microwave acts in form of non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing electromagnetic radiation change the nature of ionized atoms. This change how they interact with other atoms and molecules around them. A pertinent question, that requires a clear answer, is whether or not these ovens are healthy for cooking?
The answer is – no!

Gamma rays, X-rays and nuclear medicine (CT scanner) are types of ionizing radiation. The food is attacked by waves of high frequency heat! Experts say that this radiation can be harmful to health.
Antioxidants are destroyed by maintaining the food for long time on the heat or in the microwave, and by using too much water in cooking. Even more than that, because microwave cooking time is much shorter, it seems that antioxidants survive greater than the boiling or baking or other methods. In addition, it seems that vegetables cooked with too much water lose their antioxidants.
It is strictly prohibited to heat food in plastic, metal or aluminum, just glass and ceramics accepted only. Heating food in wrong packaging can harm health as there is a risk that such materials give off dangerous chemicals that end up eventually in our body.

Here are the most common diseases that are caused by microwave ovens:
– Fatigue- microwave ovens can be the cause of chronic fatigue and obesity.
– Insomnia – Be aware that the impact of microwaves can cause damage to the brain.
– Loss of nutrients – microwave kills the most important nutrients from foods;
– Eliminate antioxidants – microwave oven destroys antioxidants in foods and increases the risk of heart attacks and high cholesterol
– Cancer – radiation emitted by microwave ovens accumulate in the human body and can cause cancer.

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5 diseases caused by microwave oven