5 cosmetics that help you clean up your house

Don’t know how to deal with dust, grease stains or fingerprints on furniture? If you find special products in stores that seem expensive, you can use with confidence cleaning cosmetics. Here are some ideas!

Care the furniture with cleansing milk
Cleansing milk can be successfully used when you want to remove the stickers stuck to small furniture. Put some cleansing milk on a cotton wool and rub vigorously. You will see that it will peel off easily without leaving marks or scratches on the furniture.

Clean leather using natural body milk
Body milk softens leather or imitation leather from which are made sofa or living room chairs. Start with a very clean damp cloth and remove traces of dust. Allow to dry, then pour a few drops on a cloth body milk. Clean well the furniture insisting on corners.

Cleansing Milk functions well when it comes to the little stickers pasted on furniture. Put on a disc of cotton some cleansing milk and rub vigorously the little stickers on the furniture. It will remove easily without scratching the furniture at all.

Dust with cotton pads
Dust deposited on flowers’ leaves in the apartment can be wiped using cotton cleansing discs. Moisten the leaves of your plant and then gently remove them one at a time.

The eyeliner removes scratches
Black or brown eyeliner pencil helps you when you want to fix a scratch appeared on the furniture. How? Very simple! Color with pencil the affected area! The most important aspect is that the hue pencil shade to fit perfectly with the furniture.

Clean stainless steel body oil
Use body oil to clean and make stainless steel shine objects that you have in the house. Pour a few drops on a cotton pad and gently rub it. If the cotton disc is dirty, replace it with a clean one and repeat the operation.

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5 cosmetics that help you clean up your house