5 body areas you shouldn’t touch with your hands


Hands have a very important role in the transmission of germs, and your fingers are contaminated even after you wash your hands. If you don’t take care of your nails, bacteria increase, according to researchers at the University of Nebraska. In addition, those who have longer than 2 mm nails have more germs on their hands, so it is advisable not to touch some body parts.

Today we are going to present you 5 body areas that you should never touch with bare hands, and here is why:

You need washing your hands if you want to apply face cream, but in other cases, and also try to keep them away from the area. When you have your hands full of bacteria and use them to touch your face, you greatly increase your risk of illness. According to experts, your fingers contain oils that block pores and lead to acne, so always wash your face before touching it.

If you do not wear contact lenses, you have no reason to touch your eyes with your bare hands, because you can contaminate them with bacteria. Do not rub your eyes if you have itchy or dry eyes, wash your hands before you or your doctor.

The mouth
British researchers have shown that people put their finger in the mouth 23.6 times during the day, and when you are very busy, only 6.3 times. In these conditions, the bacteria on your hands reach the mouth, exposing yourself to dangerous health problems.

The nose
A 2006 study showed that people who stick their fingers in nose have a 51% higher risk of taking streptococcus than those who don’t do this.

Do not ever put your finger in your ear, because you can cause damage to the ear canal. If you have an itchy ear, go to the doctor because it could be about an infection.

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5 body areas you shouldn’t touch with your hands



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