4 Zodiacs of very intelligent women

The planets which govern each zodiac sign have a big influence on zodiacs, giving their personality the characters which they carry. The planets which “carry” intelligence are Mercury and Saturn, and each of them governs two signs.
Gemini and Virgo receive the intelligence of Mercury
The planet Mercury is named after the Roman god of communication, affairs and luck, so it is not surprising that the persons governed by it exceed in this sectors. But Mercury offers more than that.Gemini and Virgo are not just active and talkative, but also very shifty. They know how to talk to everybody, in any situation and can convince you of anything, you will not even realize it.

It is often said that Gemini woman has a double personality, but this thing is not necessarily bad. On the contrary! She is the kind who adapts to any situation – politics, religion, science – without any problem and if she reaches the middle of some polemics, for sure she will get away with it, no matter of the other person’s arguments. Indifferently of what kind of life she has, the Gemini woman is, deep in her soul, a curious intellectual, passionate of everything new, abreast with everything what moves.

Virgo woman is the kind who can order things in any type of chaos. She knows perfectly how to organize not just things, but also people. Often laughed at, her obsession for order and cleanliness is, in fact, the proof of perfectionism which have just intelligent people. She never stops until the thing is perfectly done. Unfortunately, this fact is not understood by the people surrounding her all the time, that is why often appear conflicts with the persons who cannot rise to her level.

Intelligence from Saturn for Capricorn and Aquarius

According to some astrologists, Saturn is the planet of geniuses. Not all the natives governed by it have the education necessary to reach their real potential, but almost all of them remark themselves through a certain type of intelligence. In general, they are silent and reserved people, but very disciplined. Saturn is a planet associated with rules, discipline, authority, parenting, too.

Capricorn woman is one of the strongest women of zodiac. You will never see her crying in a corner, defeated by cares and problems. She is the one who resists each punch and who finds solution to any problem. For sure, she is not the most sociable person, but who gets to know her better, realizes that she is a reliable, loyal and, of course, very intelligent woman. She succeeds, in several seconds, to make connections to which some persons get very hard. To this you can add perseverance, the power to fight, so it is not surprising that many natives are successful women in different domains.

Aquarius woman is hard to describe by words. It is an air sign, but comparing with other air signs, Aquarius is not a calm breeze, but a strong storm. At least, it is the first impression that can possibly scare some people. In fact, deep in her soul, Aquarius woman is a rarely met kindness. She has great dreams, she has visionary ideas and the logic and practical thought necessary to transform them in reality. Her intelligence is obvious from first discussions – she asks questions about which others would not even think, she draws conclusions and finds solutions in record time.

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