4 tricks for a perfectly clean microwave

Does your microwave oven smell strange when you microwave? You must take action!  The microwave oven may get dirty rapidly and is not so easy to clean.  Find out what products you should use for cleaning and freshening indoor air! And get to work!  See a few tricks and DIY cleaning solutions to quickly and easily clean the microwave. Here’s what to do!

Throw the burned leftovers
The first thing you should do is to remove with a sponge all food residues from the oven. Most often, they stick to the side walls and ceiling. And clean the grilling, the device is provided with it.
Remove the grease stains
Grease spots are cleaned with dishwashing detergent solution and water. Moisten the sponge and gently rub each stain until it disappears. Do not forget to remove all traces of detergent. Another option is to moisten the sponge with water and detergent, put it inside the oven and to program the device at full power for one minute. Steam will seize the burning smell while cleans and vents. All steam will help you clean the stains easier. Do not clean using a harsh sponge because you’ll scratch the stainless steel surfaces.
Use fresh lemon juice
To remove the citrus smell. Squeeze some lemon juice and pour into a heat-resistant glass bowl. Put the bowl in the oven and close the door. Keep the bowl inside for several hours. Another solution would be to enter the bowl in the oven and set a heating schedule for two minutes.
Apple vinegar removes odors
Prepare a solution of vinegar and water in equal amounts and leave it for 5-minutes in the microwave on a heating program. The vapors emanated will remove any odor. If you do not use vinegar, use charcoal, freshly ground coffee, soda or orange peel.
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