3 Popular Pinterest Projects: My Bathroom Decor


Coincidence or not, some of the very first DIY projects that I ever Pin’d ended up as decor in my Guest bathroom. Being as these projects winded up all in one spot I thought I’d share all three tutorials together too! A trifecta of DIY if you will: Silver Tray Chalk Boards, Faux Apothecary Jars and a fun Bathroom Organizer!

I first showed this picture on Monday during my organizing series DeClutter Confessions ~ Other Bathrooms. My guest bathroom is also shared by 5 of my kiddo’s ages 11 to 2. I’ve chosen to decorate it more for our (rare) guests to help motivate the kiddo’s to keep it clean.
3 Popular Pinterest Projects: My Bathroom DecorLet’s start with the Faux Apothecary Jars which can also be fun and festive containers to put homemade cookies and treats in and give as gifts during the holidays!
3 Popular Pinterest Projects: My Bathroom DecorSo easy to make and a great up-cycle project too. If making a few for Christmas gifts you can paint the lids red or silver and adhere cute reindeer or snowman figures to the top. For these I simply saved and cleaned glass jars and screwed silver drawer pulls to the lids.

I soaked the jars in hot water and soap which usually takes off any sticky label residue. You can also make a paste of baking soda and oil (olive works best) in equal parts to scrub on and let sit for a few minutes. If all else fails acetone works every time.
3 Popular Pinterest Projects: My Bathroom DecorWe’re talking the metal ‘silver’ trays fromDollar Tree here, we don’t want our great-grandmas rolling over in their graves! I pick mine up from thrift stores all the time for like 10 cents! Did you notice how the color of chalk paint matches the Apothecary Jars and the Bathroom Organizer? I added just one simple ingredient to my paint to make it Chalk Paint, it’s super easy.

3 Popular Pinterest Projects: My Bathroom DecorI drilled, well SuperHubbie drilled a couple holes in my tray so I could hang it with ribbon. Screw through the front of your tray so any pokey metal will be on the backside.

3 Popular Pinterest Projects: My Bathroom DecorUse a sponge brush to paint with for the most smooth finish. Let dry then season your new chalk board by rubbing the side of the chalk all over the paint. Erase and it’s ready to use! Did you know your new fancy chalk board can also double as a magnet board?
3 Popular Pinterest Projects: My Bathroom DecorWith a bigger tray like this one you could even turn it on it’s side and write out the whole week’s dinner menu! Great for meal planning. Plus when you’ve been asked for like the 17th time (while cooking dinner) “Ma! What’s for dinner?” you can just point to your sign without missing a beat.
3 Popular Pinterest Projects: My Bathroom DecorIf you have scrap wood, a Mason Jar and a hook you’ve got an Organizer just waiting to be brought to life. Like when Frosty gets his hat he magically transforms. Yeah, it’s kinda like that.
3 Popular Pinterest Projects: My Bathroom DecorI didn’t have my Mason Jar in this picture for some reason, probably because I was distracted by another obsession of mine. Oops Paint. Paint that has been colored and the customer decided they didn’t like that color and gave it back to the aproned-guy behind the counter who is covered in paint. Sometimes I think that guy makes mistakes on the paint just so I can buy it at half the price.
3 Popular Pinterest Projects: My Bathroom DecorI painted my boards in two different colors. First in a smokey dark grey, then in a bright turquoise. I used a piece of steel wool to both distress the paint but also to give it depth. Sanding with steel wool give you much more control when removing paint. I Pin’d this picture years ago which inspired this project and the color.
3 Popular Pinterest Projects: My Bathroom DecorYou can really see the grey color start to show through on the right side where I have rubbed the steel wool across. I worked the sides and ends a little more so the wood would show through. I attached, well SuperHubbie attached a hose clamp to hold the Mason Jar just like we did making my Mason Jar Herb Garden. Screw a hook to the bottom and you’re done!
3 Popular Pinterest Projects: My Bathroom DecorIf using your Organizer in the bathroom you can use the Mason Jar to hold toothbrushes. Or make one for each kiddo, add their initial to the board and they have their own Organizer for their tooth brush and bath robe! Hang one next to the door to add pocket change and hang your keys.
3 Popular Pinterest Projects: My Bathroom DecorThe possibilities really are endless with these 3 projects. You can use different projects to decorate different rooms with, or put them all into one room like I did. I’ve even seen these same ideas used in wedding decorations, given as teacher or Christmas gifts… endless.

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3 Popular Pinterest Projects: My Bathroom Decor