3 house cleaning tips from professionals

Have you ever wondered why, despite your effort, your house does not seem as clean as you would like? Professionals say that the blame for this situation, are small involuntary mistakes you make during cleaning. Fortunately, there are solutions for saving every “faux pas”.

Wash the windows when it’s not sunny

Whether you are in the process of spring cleaning, whether you like to clean perfectly every few weeks, you must know a few tricks that will ease your work. For example, if you want to wash your windows, you need to do this when the sun shines not yet strong. Why? Because it will make the solution dry quickly, and it would be difficult to remove the stains.
Apply the cleaner on the cloth, not directly on the surface.

Face it, every time you want to clean your kitchen countertop or sink, you tend to apply the solution directly on the surface, believing that dirt will soften more quickly and will be easier to remove. Indeed, if the dirt is very persistent, it is better to apply the cleaning solution and leave to work for a few minutes, but it is recommended to do so, only occasionally.
For daily cleaning of surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom, it is best to apply the cleaning solution on a microfiber cloth. Not only will you save a significant amount, but you will succeed to save water because it will not much need to rinse surfaces. Cobb advises you to protect your hands with latex gloves even at the lowest uses of cleaning products in trade, as they can affect your skin.

Clean immediately the carpet stains
You spilled liquid on the carpet, but if the stain does not seem visible, you think it will dry out and will disappear by itself? Wrong! Even if you do not see the stain immediately, this does not mean it does not exist. On the contrary, it can become sticky and, moreover, can become very difficult to remove after a certain period of time.

Specialist advice is: if you want beautiful and neat carpets, clean the stains as soon as they appear. With a towel or absorbent cloth, dab the problem area to remove as much liquid as you can. Spray cold water on the stain and then dab the area again. Continue to do so until the towel will not leave dirt. If you have carpet stained with grease, follow the tips above, then sprinkle baking soda or salt on the stain. It will absorb traces of grease and stain will be easier to clean with just a dash of dish soap.

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