3 effective home remedies for tartar removal

The most effective methods to remove plaque. You do not need the dentist again.
The tartar is the result of excessive accumulation of bacteria in the mouth, untreated, can cause gingivitis and periodontitis. Try these home remedies and say “goodbye” bacterial plaque (tartar).
These remedies are the ideal solution for people who hate going to the dentist. Each offers same results of a meeting with the dentist.

If you are a lover of sweet food, rich in carbohydrates (white bread, biscuits, candied fruit), or if you smoke, the plaque is something you can not avoid.

Remedy #1
2 tbs of nutshell
6.7 oz of water

Method of preparation:
Put nutshells in a pot, add water over that. Boil the mixture for 20 minutes. After it has cooled, strain, then soak your toothbrush in the resulting liquid. Perform brushing for 5 minutes. Repeat treatment 3 times a day (morning, noon and evening).

In 10 days dental plaque should disappear.

Remedy #2
4 tsp of sunflower seeds
4 tsp of lime flowers
33.8 oz of water

Method of preparation:
Place in a big kettle ( enough to comprise 33.8 oz of water ) seeds and lime flowers and add water. Boil the whole mixture for 30 minutes. Leave the kettle covered until the water temperature will be bearable. Strain the liquid, soak your toothbrush in this mixture and then brush your teeth for 5 minutes after each meal.

After 14 days of use, tartar will be removed.

Remedy #3
3 tbs of May wormwood leaves (Artemisia absinthum)
10oz of water

Method of preparation:
Boil the mixture for 20 minutes. Allow the liquid to cool, then strain it. Soak your toothbrush in the liquid making a brushing three times a day, at least 5 minutes each brush.

In 14 days you will have a bright smile and the dental plaque will be removed.

After any remedy above, rinse the mouth with apple cider vinegar for one minute, will hasten bacterial plaque removal , making the remedies more effective. After you rinse your mouth with the vinegar, be sure to rinse again with water.

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3 effective home remedies for tartar removal