15 things you can clean using lemon

Besides that has the power to clean things, perhaps better than other dedicated lemon offers a unique touch of freshness. Lemons are used for a variety of things – from drinks, food and cleaning up various objects. Rich in citric acid, the fruit has a low pH and antibacterial properties. Doesn’t destroy things as do other cleaning products from stores.

Lemon juice will be used with hot water where you’ve added a little soap or detergent. You need, of course a clean cloth.

Here’s what you can clean with a lemon:
1. objects old brass / bronze. Indicated would be to test first on a small portion.
2. Remove dirt from copper cookware.
3. Chrome objects can be polished with lemon. Make a mixture of lemon juice and add a little salt.
4. Spray lemon juice over the stain and leave it overnight. The next day rinse and allow the place to dry.
5. The remnants of plaster on various surfaces can be cleaned with a toothbrush soaked in lemon juice.
6. Laminate kitchen countertops and other surfaces of this kind can be cleaned with lemon.
7. Mix lemon juice with salt to clean the grate of the stove or fireplace from the one you roast.
8. Stains and odors on plastic vessels get out if you dive in lemon juice mixture.
9. The drain from the sink or tub can unclog and clean with 5 liters of hot water into which you put more lemon juice.
10. The refrigerator can be cleaned and freshened if you wipe it inside with lemon juice.
11. Stainless steel taps can be cleaned if you use the inside of the lemon, after you have removed the juice from it. If you are not satisfied with the result you can use lemon juice.
12. Put the juice of two lemons in the washing machine and laundry to bleach and disinfect.
13. Wooden Cutting Boards or plastic ones can be cleaned better with lemon juice.
14. Lemon juice can clean and windows, glass, etc.
15. Lemon juice put in the dish detergent will enhance its effectiveness.

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15 Things You Can Clean Using Lemon