15 Diseases that you can cure with propolis tincture

It is said – and rightly – that propolis is one of the most powerful medicines provided by nature. Due to its composition (plant resin, wax, oils, iron, microelements – copper, manganese, zinc, cobalt, pollen, bee salivary gland secretions), enhances endurance and eliminate fatigue. Propolis is, also, an excellent antiviral, antiinflammatory, rebuild tissues damaged by wounds, heal burns and frostbite, cicatrize operations and stops bleeding gums.

There are two types of propolis: the gross, which look like small brown lumps and has a bittersweet smell, and tincture in alcohol. In this article we will refer further to the way in which propolis tincture can bring comfort and healing in several medical conditions.

With propolis tincture can cure these diseases:
1. All internal diseases causing infectious fever – treated with 30 drops / day.
2. At menopause, women will take, for one year, 10 drops daily.
3. Inflammation of the prostate – recommended 30 drops / day.
4. Hypertension – 30 drops / day until healed.
5. Inflammation of the kidney and liver – each with 40 drops twice a day, put in a glass of 100 ml of warm water. Repeat until healed.
6. Angina, pharyngitis, flu and avoid complications – each with 40 drops / day, put in a glass of 200 ml of hot water, combined with gargle several times a day.
7. stomach ulcer or enteritis – 40 drops / day in 100 ml of warm milk. Drink on an empty stomach.
8. Corns and keratitis – before bedtime, a piece of cotton wool soaked in propolis tincture and place it on the painful area. On day, you can use Propolis ointment with soap or salicylate. Please note! Keratitis still remain painful for days!
9. Skin conditions – rub the affected areas (if supported alcohol) with propolis tincture. If alcohol is not supported, it should be mixed in a cream propolis.
10. Pulmonary TB – how many 30 drops 3 times a day and inhalations twice a week. For inhalation, 250 ml of hot water add 100 drops tincture
11. Fungal diseases between toes – affected areas are smeared with tincture.
12. Stomach ache – 50 drops in 100 ml of water. It is recommended in case of intestinal parasitosis, twice daily on an empty stomach.
13. Toothache – put cotton wool soaked in tincture on the painful area. Clean propolis set on painful gums or carious tooth relieve pain and prevent infection.
14. Tincture can also be used in the case of old wounds. The wound should be washed with extraction of grayling, then rub several times with propolis tincture.
15. The tincture is used in the case of first-degree burn wound to be rubbed several times with tincture. In these cases will not form blisters.

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15 Diseases that you can cure with propolis tincture
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