12 warning signs that you have poor blood circulation

When the blood reaches the whole body organs receive necessary nutrients and pH is balanced. When, there are some problems, certain parts of the body do not get enough blood. Hardening of the arteries or other factors limit the amount of blood reaching the feet, hands and heart. Smoking, pregnancy, food problems are just some of the causes of poor blood circulation.

People of any age can be affected, and if not treated, this issue may have disastrous effects on the brain, heart, liver or kidneys. Most, circulatory problems are quiet and give no symptoms, especially in the early stages. In time, however, you can tell that blood does not reach all parts of the body.
Cold hands and feet all the time, swollen ankles are signs that you have a poor circulation.
Many conditions may cause problems with circulation throughout the body. And this can lead to skin, kidney, brain and heart diseases.

1. Wounds that does not heal
When blood’s flow is interrupted, the immune system is weakened and the wound does not receive enough blood to recover.
2. Swelling
Hands or feet swelling may be a signal that poor circulation interferes with the kidneys which can’t get rid of body excess fluid.
3. Skin discoloration
When there is not enough oxygen in the blood, fingers and toes take a bluish color.
4. Varicose Veins
These swollen blood vessels under the skin may be caused by the accumulation of blood or fluid in the veins.
5. Hair loss and brittle nails
If you have poor circulations, hair and nails can become thin or brittle from lack of nutrients.
6. Digestive Problems
Poor circulation can slow digestion, which can lead to bloating and constipation.
7. Frequent Infections
The immune system may be weakened, so you can more easily make bacterial or viral infections.
8. Cold hands and feet
Circulation helps regulate body temperature. When blood flow is interrupted, the body can no longer maintain a normal temperature and that leads to cold hands and feet.
9. Fatigue
Poor blood circulation prevents effectively oxygenation of muscles and cause fatigue.
10. Erectile Dysfunction
In men, poor circulation can also prevent achieving an erection.
11. Chest pain
Decreased blood flow can cause pain or tightness in the chest.
12. Loss of appetite
Because poor circulation slows the digestive process, it is easy to lose your appetite or to feel full very quickly.

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