11 Best cleaning tips on internet

Cleaning is not easy. Maybe you hate it maybe you love it. For both women categories I gathered the best house cleaning tips on the internet. Here they are:

1.Shower cabin. Keep handy when you shower, a product specifically for bathroom cleaning. After you took a shower, apply the solution on shower enclosure and the rinse. If the door is made of glass, wipe it with a clean, damp cloth and liquid soap or baby oil; so you will avoid water droplets.
2.Degrease the kitchen cabinet with a sponge soaked in soapy water or a special spray to clean. After cleaning, place some paper sheets on the surface, cut to the right size, then change them monthly.
3.Remove debris labels on bottles, jars, etc. with a clean cotton disc and a small amount of cleanser.
4.Get rid of dust. Store in a box used dusters; being antistatic, you might as well wipe the dust on the TV screen. Another option would be to use a cotton cloth dampened a bit because so the dust doesn’t spread in the air.
5.Remove the stains from the furniture. Rub the furniture with a mixture of olive oil and cigarette ashes, then clean it with a clean cloth and spray the furniture.
6.Burnt pan? Use bio cleaning powder to save burnt pans. Put inside a handful of powder, add water, let it soak a few hours, then put it on the stove and leave boil the water. Rinse and repeat the process, if necessary.
7.Clean the inside of the oven with a mixture of hot water and vinegar, then rinse. If you don’t want to clean it too often, put aluminum foil at the bottom of the oven; change it whenever needed. Also make sure you wash the oven or the grill while is not cool because it’s much easier to remove dirt. Sprinkle a little salt over traces of grease so they don’t turn into burns.
8.To get rid of rust and lime stains from the toilet bowl, put inside a special cleaning tablet for dentures. If dirt still remains, rub gently with a wet pumice stone to avoid scratches.
9.To clean floors, use a universal cleaner and a damp mop, microfiber, or a big sponge. You could occasionally clean them using a dry mop or vacuum them, to collect the animal dander and dust that has gathered.
10.Traces of pen on the sofa or curtains? Soak a sponge in milk and rub well the stain. You will need to try a few times, but you will surely succeed. Clean lint from upholstery very easy and efficient with a clean dampened cloth.
11.You can use the dishwasher not only for dishes, but also for cleaning other household items, such as plastic toys of children, trays oven, barbecue grills, pans grill, detergent drawer of the washing machine, the  microwave shelf and heat resistant glass dishes.
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11 Best Cleaning Tips On Internet