11 Ordinary Remedies for Spider Bites

As a rule, spider bites are inoffensive, if the spiders are not venomous and you do not have allergic reaction from them. In this case, itching, redness, pain, swelling and other unpleasant local reactions resulted by the spider’s toxins can be treated with some home remedies.
But, first of all, ensure yourself that you saw the spider which bit you, because some of the species such as black widow and brown recluse need immediate medical care. The spider bite looks like two close punctures which are similar to mosquito bites, that can be followed or not by pus.

Home Treatments for Spider Bites

1.Dried Basil
The itch caused by the spider bite can be decreased with basil leaves. Crush some leaves, then rub with them the bitten surface.

An effective cure for spider bites is raw cabbage. Put a small piece of cabbage on the bite and fix it with a bandage. Let it stay so overnight, that helps to remove the poison and reveals the infection.

3.Activated Carbon
If you see that the bite is red and sore, use activated carbon. Firstly, form a paste with this ingredient and after this apply it on your irritated part of the body. Remove it after two hours and apply a new stratum again. Change it in this tempo during the first day. The following day use it just several times. Continue the healing until the bite becomes a small crust.

4.Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide has awesome antibacterial property and is very beneficial in the treatment of all kinds of insect bites. For this, pour some hydrogen peroxide on the spider bite.

5.Sodium Bicarbonate
Prepare a paste of sodium bicarbonate and water in the proportion of 3:1. This mass will increase the healing process. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, positive result can be achieved from several hours to several days of treatment.
You can make some poultice as well. This includes sodium bicarbonate and butter. Put the combination on the affected area and the itching and pain will be gone in seconds.

6.Cold Water and Ice
It is a known fact that ice is used for treating swellings. Well, this case is not an exception. Soak a towel in cold water and apply it on your irritation caused by the spider, or put an ice pack to the wound.

7.Turmeric and Olive Oil
Form a mix from turmeric and olive oil. It is beneficial in curing inflammation and redness which appears after the spider bite. It also eases the ache.
If you want to get rid of spider’s poison, repeat the procedure for one week.

For pain relief, it is important to neutralize the toxic. Aspirin is efficient in this sense. Dissolve one tablet of Aspirin in some water, to form a paste. Put some of this paste of the affected surface of your body to reduce itching. The people who tried this remedy told that the pain is gone in a half of hour.

First of all, wash the spider bite area with some water, and then apply a little bit of salt (it might be sea salt or kosher as well). You can bandage the area, the salt not to sprinkle and to act more efficiently.

10.Cream or Lotion Based on an Antibiotic
It is recommended to use an antibiotic cream or lotion in cases when a child is bitten by a spider.

To decrease the symptoms also helps garlic. Just put some garlic slices on the bite and cover them with a bandage. Let the remedy work overnight.

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11 Ordinary Remedies for Spider Bites