11 Great Ideas for Home Heel Spurs Treatment

Heel spurs represent some calcium deposits which collect in your heel. They can be very painful and create discomfort while walking or standing. As well, heel spurs can appear due to some diseases that affect the bones such as osteoarthritis, ligament ruptures or fractures. Fortunately, the treatment of this condition does not have to be necessarily surgical. There are some home remedies that will help you ease your pain and recover your mobility. Check them out!

1.Warm Compress
Fill a bottle with hot water and apply it to the heel for 20-25 minutes. The same procedure you can effectuate with a heating pad. Repeat it two times per day. The warmth causes the blood vessels to dilate, boosting perfusion to the targeted tissue. This thing reduces the inflammation and pain in your heel.

2.Foot Massage
Massage your foot with your thumb before going to sleep every day. For an easier sliding use some coconut oil (it will nourish the skin of your heels at the same time, so you’ll wake up in the morning with healthier, but also with more beautiful legs). The massage is a perfect remedy for relaxation and pain escape.

3.Ice Packs
Not only warmth, but also cold can relieve the pain. Wrap some ice cubes in a cloth and apply it to the affected area for about a quarter of hour. Attention! Wrapping of ice cubes is compulsory, otherwise you can harm to your feet even more. Before standing up for continuing your daily routine, let the heel get back to normal temperature.

4.Borax Mixture
Dissolve borax in warm water and soak your feet in this mixture for a half of hour. This solution is one of the most popular home treatments for heel spurs. The pain and the inflammation will go away in no time.

5.Orthotic Inserts
If you suffer from heel spurs, it is time to buy some shoe inserts specially designed for such problem. They will help decrease the pain. Be certain to adjust the measure of the inserts with a podiatrist.

6.Physical Exercises for Heel Spurs
Search for a program of physical exercises that strengthens this area of the leg. You can opt for mild up to moderate exercises for removing the inflammation and the pain.

7.Stretching Exercise
You can experience the stretching exercise: place the foot that hurts you on the knee of the other leg; pull the toes of the injured foot with your hand towards you; if you cannot reach your toes, do it using a towel, by wrapping it around your foot.

8.Rotation Exercise
Another exercise that could be suitable for you is foot rotation exercise. It is very easy: rotate your ankles in clockwise direction ten times, and then in the anti-clockwise direction for another ten times. You can rotate both ankles and the same time or individually.

9.Night Splints
The persons who use them say that they are very efficient. It is advisable to use L-shaped splint fabricated from fiberglass. For maintaining the foot on place, wrap it with a bandage.

10.Relax Your Heels
If you have heel spurs, better avoid standing for too much time. Also, use proper shoes, if you feel that your heels are too high, opt for shorter ones. As well, renounce to your exercise regime at gym, swimming, cycling or running. Let your feet rest elevated.

11.Weight Loss
People who are over-weighted are usually dealing with heel spurs. So, if you suffer of this condition, think if your weight could be a cause. If it could be, then start to undertake actions for weight loss, not before consulting with a doctor.

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11 Great Ideas for Home Heel Spurs Treatment