10 Useful Advice to Get the Perfect Winter Look

A lot of women hate winter because their skin gets so dry. The same thing used to happen to me, too till I discovered some easy remedies that have a long lasting effect. I can use any kind of make-up during winter without having to worry that my skin will get dry. I can sport the perfect winter look with pride. The trick is to stay moisturized and protect the skin from the cold wind and snow.Winter-Makeup-Tips-Your-Beauty

10 Useful Pieces of Advice to Get the Perfect Winter Look

1. Act as if it’s summer – The sun still has the power to burn so I always moisturize my skin with SPF cream when I go out.

2. Stay away from temptation – A lot of face masks that can be found in different shops can really make your skin feel dry. If you are having acne scarring or acne problems it is best to use some homemade recipes that don’t damage your skin. Oatmeal, water and honey mixed together help you get rid of acne and they also moisturize your skin. Make sure to use some lemon juice, too.

3. The creative gal – Some homemade masks are really something. You can stop having dry skin during winter if you use some natural body scrub that eliminates the sensation of having a dry skin. Always use sea salt with honey to create the perfect scrub for your dry skin.

4. Too much warmth – Although I always enjoy a cozy, lazy afternoon in the comfort of my home, the dry air has a terrible impact on my skin. This is why I have bought a humidifier that saves me from having a dry skin.

5. No more cracked lips – Cracked, dry lips during winter can be such a common sight. A natural lip balm can do the trick. It is that easy. The lips will be moisturized and they won’t crack anymore.

6. Getting used to the cold – Using hot water in excess can also make your skin feel dry. I always use a homemade body scrub to try and reduce the damage that a hot shower can do to my skin during winter.

7. Finding the perfect moisturizer – It may come as a surprise but not all moisturizers can work during winter. I recommend using oily moisturizers that keep that dry feeling away.

8. Don’t forget to protect your hands – Your hands shouldn’t be exposed to the cold outside this is why it would be best to wear some gloves.

9. Eat healthy – Eating vegetables and fruit during winter can help moisturize your skin. If you also cook food using coconut oil, you will get rid of dry skin.

10. An obvious thing to do – During winter I don’t feel the need of drinking as much water as I drink during summer. This is why we all need to change this bad habit and start drinking more water to hydrate our skin. It’s that simple.