Tips to look thinner in your clothes

Have you ever felt discouraged when you are trying new clothes but they just won’t fit YOU , I have had that happening pretty often .I love trying new styles, colors and shapes but they don’t always fit ME .I have some “extra weight “ that I have to get rid of so that in time I had to learn a couple of tricks so I get frustrated and buying clothes that I’m not actually wearing.

So I thought that it would be nice to share that with people having the same concerns , below you can find my top 10 tricks to look great and thinner.

  1. Wear Fitted Clothing

I know that when you’re trying to hide the “trouble”  zones it may seem just right to wear looser fitted clothing,  but we always have to take care ! It may be too much and not helping you at all .Body tailored , fitted clothing are way more likely to look perfect on you . In the end you have to “cover “ the trouble spots not cover yourself in a bag of paper.

  1. Avoid Pleats 

Pleated and folded fabrics are going to add volume to your look . Go for pants and skirts with flat fronts.

  1. Where Do Your Pants and Shirt Meet? 

The ideal zone is at or just below your waist .If the meting point is where your hips are larger it will make you look bigger .

  1. Go for Vertical Details  

That a common sense advice however a very important one. The vertical details will elongate your body and make you look taller and slimmer , while the horizontal ones will widen you and make you look bigger  and shorter , it’s a visual aspect that worth to be taken into consideration.

  1. Wear Color

Bright colors  will certainly draw the attention , so put them on your good and very good spots . Improvise , be playful , let your imagination fly .

  1. Wear Structured Fabrics

Be careful when using stretchy and thin fabrics that will make pleats and cling to all the wrong places. Is advisable to use thicker and structured materials to make you look thinner .

  1. Use Prints with Caution 

Prints are awesome and that’s why they draw attention , so let’s make sure they will draw the attention were we want to , on the right places . Large prints will draw the attention in a not so good way but he small ones can actually help when trying to hide and camouflage the trouble spots .

  1. Check Your Posture 

Stand up straight ! It will make you look taller and more confident .

  1. Experiment with Fun Necklines

You can redirect the attention from your body to your face using an interesting neckline .

  1. Check Your Proportions

Depending on your shape and curves , you should find an appropriate balance four YOU. Try not combining loose pants and loose tops as well as tight pants and tight tops . You can try with a loose top and tight pants or loose pants and a tight top.

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Tips to look thinner in your clothes