10 Tips for a restful sleep


Those 8 hours of sleep are extremely important for health. I.P. Pavlov said that sleep is the savior of the nervous system. Why do we need sleep? It is already known that during the night sleep, our brains reviews memories and establishes our human identity. Also, sleep serves not only from recovering from daily fatigue, but it also has an important role in memory consolidation.

A good sleep means health! Here’s what to do to have a good sleep and what to avoid before bed:

1. Make sure your bedroom is a quiet place
To have a restful sleep, the bedroom is extremely important. Try to associate this room only with sleep room. In the bedroom is best not to work, not to watch television or use the computer. Also, noise, light or excess heat can dramatically affect the quality of sleep. Remove all these factors to have a quiet sleep.

2. Try to sleep at the same hour every day
Change by little how you sleep. Try to fall asleep and wake up at the same times every day.

3. Limit consumption of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco
Before going to bed avoid drinking coffee or alcohol. Also, try not to smoke before bed or in the room where you sleep.

4. Stop procrastinating morning awakening
Avoid to always press the button that postpones the alarm clock. This way you’ll wake up refreshed and you will not be grumpy after the first hour. Try to set the alarm time you want to wake up, so that when the clock rings to get up immediately from the bed. Shortly you’ll feel better.

5. Pay attention to sleep
Sometimes you feel like you don’t have enough time do to your stuffs and get used to sleep fewer hours. However, it is not recommended to do this because the body needs at least 7 hours of sleep per night to function at full capacity.

6. Avoid eating late at night
Taken heavy meals late at night will disturb your sleep. Don’t eat anything at least 2 hours before bedtime to allow the body to relax. Also, meals late at night can cause indigestion.

7. Avoid stress before bedtime
Before going to bed try to take it easy and drink hot tea. Avoid falling asleep with the TV on.

8. Try not to sleep during the day
Daytime sleep can cause night sleep to be extremely difficult. Even if you are very tired you should not sleep more than 30 minutes.

9. Read
Choose an interesting book, but not so interesting so you would refuse to stop reading it and go to sleep. Stop reading when you are sleepy.

10. Make sure you wear comfortable pajamas
Tight and uncomfortable pajamas will disturb your sleep.

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10 Tips for a restful sleep



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