10 tips to maintain a clean home effortlessly

If you are one of those people who believe that it takes an eternity to maintain a clean home, we have good news: you just need to adopt some simple habits that won’t affect your daily habits.

1. Buy a pair of slippers for every member of your family, a pair that cleans the floor. Clean deal, right? Will remove dust and your floors will shine, without you making any effort.

2. Follow the rule of one-minute daily cleaning. Every day, for a minute, choose to remove the dust of one item of home: a vase, TV. So your home will look flawless until the return of your children from play.

3. Find a universal cleaning product to remove all drawing the walls, to clean the grill and to do wonders with traces from wood. It is an essential purchase for your home. If you do not have time to wipe the kitchen or bathroom floor, once a week take some old towels, wet them and add a little detergent on them. Wipe the floor using your legs for that.

5. Put a trash bag at every door or in the closet. At the end of each day throw trash bags together and change them weekly.

6. Saves time when vacuum. Keep a lint roller handy to wipe the furniture and cushions at the end of each day.

Keep a box of disinfectant wipes in the bathroom and in your kitchen. Use them every day to wipe the sink, faucets, tub and toilet. So the cleaning will maintain several weeks.

8. Keep handy a bottle of stain remover solution. Spray the dirty clothes of the children when it stain throw them in the washing machine. If you have teenagers, teach them how to do this procedure.

9. Put on the shelves of the refrigerator absorbent paper. You’ll a lot of time. You have to do is change the papers when they get dirty.

10. A package of wet wipes in each room are great to clean stains, furniture, wiping mud from floor, etc.

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10 Tips To Maintain A Clean Home Effortlessly