10 tips for a healthy pregnancy


The pregnancy period is an unforgettable one, but is also quite overwhelming, at least mentally and emotionally because restless moments appear about what and how to do things so fetus can grow healthy.

1. Prepare
Ideally, preparation for pregnancy begins three months before conception. As the mother is healthy, the baby will be healthier. Go to the gynecologist, take all the blood tests to be sure you do not have any health problems. If you have a cat, you need to let someone else take his miseries of the litter to avoid the risk of toxoplasmosis. And go to the dentist and make sure you do not have problems with teeth, because during pregnancy anesthesia or various treatments aren’t allowed.

2. Do not overdo drugs
When you are pregnant, you cannot take pills as you wish, even for a simple pain. Anything ingested affects child’s development. When the drug enters the bloodstream, it passes through the placenta and enters in baby’s body. Only your doctor can tell you what medicines you’re allowed and not allowed to take.

3. Eat your vegetables
During pregnancy, what you eat and drink is the main source of nutrition for your baby. Fill your fridge with healthy foods to ensure your intake of B vitamins, iron, calcium and folic acid.
Bananas and whole grains rich in vitamin B6, encourages the formation of red blood cells. Sweet potatoes have vitamin useful in bones development. Spinach and salmon contain plenty of calcium.

4. Stay away from dangerous ingredients
The researchers found that pregnant women who eat apples and fish during pregnancy give birth to children with reduced risk of allergies and asthma. Although there are not a lot of evidence that avoiding peanuts, honey and other foods with allergic potential would keep the child from allergies later in life, it would be good to stay away from them. Consume only pasteurized milk and cheese carefully controlled, avoid raw foods. Also avoid alcohol and cigarette smoke. Both substances pass through the placenta and can seriously harm the child. Although caffeine also passes into the bloodstream, many pregnant women continue to drink coffee, which apparently does not harm in small amounts.

5. Cravings
Pickles? Ice cream? Strawberries? What clichés! Yet, for many pregnant women, these cravings are real. Do not forget: you can eat what you want whether and rich in fat, sugar and salt, something healthy after eating. In general, cravings are harmless. Only if you start to crave inedible objects then it’s a problem. This condition, called pica, harms both the pregnant and the baby.

6. Exercise
Pregnancy doesn’t mean just fun and fries. Weight control during pregnancy protects the mother and the child of countless dangers, including diabetes.
30 minutes of daily exercise are necessary for maintaining muscle tone, reduce back pain and constipation problems often accused during pregnancy. Walk, do yoga, swim if you are a beginner or jog if you had this habit before getting pregnant. Be careful though not to exhaust yourself.

7. Sleep well
Tiredness during pregnancy usually takes break in the second quarter and then turn worse in the third quarter. Therefore, pregnant women need at least 8-9 hours of sleep per day. The problem is that sleep becomes difficult due tummy, pregnant women having problems finding their rest position in bed.

8. Calm common diseases
Acid reflux begins to bother as the belly grows. Hypersecretion of progesterone slows digestion and loosens the valve that prevents stomach acids to reach the esophagus. To combat acid reflux, eat smaller portions and rest an hour after you have eaten. If reflux occurs at night, put more pillows under your head.
Feet tendrils begin to be frequent in the second and third quarters, explained also by the slight dehydration and because the baby presses on nerves. As a preventive measure, stretch your legs, but not the fingers, as this could trigger tendril. Massage your feet, take hot baths and put your thermal patches.

9. Be Zen
Waiting 9 months before seeing your child can seem very long. Use this respite to reflect on your future role as a parent. Reduce stress to minimum. If you are so stressed at work that, cry and you’re nervous, it’s time to ask for help. Chronic stress can trigger premature births and weakens the immune system.

10. Do not overdo
When you are pregnant, life does not stop. On the contrary, now might be the right time for hobbies and things you’ve been putting off. The good news is that keeping your hands and mind busy, you will not be so stressed thinking about the time of birth. You have to know when to stop working, no matter how much you like it. If you have dizziness, stop any activity.

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10 tips for a healthy pregnancy



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