10 tips for better sleep


Nothing affects our ability to work more than one night without sleep. Studies have shown that lack of sleep harms labor productivity. Employees who constantly yawn aren’t alert, do not take good decisions and fail to focus on the job.

There are many ways to combat insomnia, to have better sleep. Here are the 10 best techniques for better sleep.
1. Reduce the time spent on computer or in front of the TV before bed
Don’t check your email and do not watch TV before bed. You will sleep better. A recent study shows that people who spend long hours in front of a monitor or TV before going to bed, receive a worse sleep quality, even when they share the same number of hours of sleep. Using a device that emits light before bed stimulates brain activity in a different way than how the body must act before bedtime. Exposure to light stimulates the brain and creates a false alert status.
2. Exercise to stimulate sleep
We already know that exercise provides health benefits-sleep is one of them. You just need to exercise in the morning or afternoon, not evening. American Sleep Foundation reports that exercise in the afternoon helps stimulate sleep and reduces the time to sleep. A 2003 study showed that fitness exercises performed in the morning is the key to better sleep.
3. Eat to stimulate sleep
Certain foods stimulate sleep better than others. You already know about the warm milk, chamomile tea and turkey, but there are others, such as bananas, potatoes or bread.
4. Slowly but surely, the benefits of siesta for 20 minutes receive more recognition from big companies which started to install special places for employees’ siesta.
5. Choose a good alarm clock
Nobody likes to start the day crawling out of bed to shut that awful alarm. It is good to set two alarms to wake you: one on the nightstand, which uses radio to wake you up and another one put on the table. It must be set a minute later. Thus, you will know that you have a minute to wake up and set off the alarm on the table. Of course, there are some people who manage to wake up before the alarm sound.
6. Solve some problems during sleep
Do you have to make a tough decision or have a problem to solve? Studies show that sleep helps you solve problems.
7. Defeat insomnia through visualization
It’s difficult to stay awake the whole night, knowing that you will not be productive the next day. When you have insomnia, it is recommended to use a meditative visualization technique to stop the mind’s rhythm.
8. The spoon
Salvador Dali had an interesting technique to awaken, based on the idea that the mind benefits from a nap as much as after a few hours of sleep. He used a spoon to wake up just after he fell asleep. Here’s the technique: Lie in bed holding a spoon. You have to hold it in your hand so that you drop it after falling asleep. Possibly put a plate on the floor just below the hand, and the noise made by spoon hitting the plate will wake you up.
9. After coffee siesta
Do you want to wake up from the afternoon tiredness? Try to drink a cup of coffee and sleep for 15 minutes to rest.
10. Learn how to dream
Do you have nightmares? You can transform them if in a dream, you become aware that you’re dreaming. Lucid dreams open up many possibilities to control dreams. Learn lucid dreaming by making a diary of dreams. In addition, you can learn expansion dreams techniques.
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10 tips for better sleep



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