10 Telling Signs you need to lose weight

We congratulate you if you feel good about yourself, even if your friends tease your sometimes telling you you’re fat. It’s great if you trust yourself, but there are some signals that your body  tries to tell you that  it’s time to lose some weight. Or, worse than that, you look pretty good, but you have too much visceral fat, which means you have to lose weight again.
Here’s how you can figure out when to call the nutritionist and follow a diet.

1.Your Snoring could awaken even dead people
If you snore terribly and rarely enjoy a good sleep, uninterrupted, weight may be the cause. Fat is found not only on the internal organs, but also around the neck, which narrows the airways and causes shortness of breath.

2.You sore everywhere
Inflammation can make fatty tissue under the skin to be sensitive to touch and pain may be one similar to the bruise. If these symptoms and body mass index is high, eyes cast here a list of diets and see what suits you.

3. You’re tired all the time
Internal inflammation caused by excess fat can result in a continual state of fatigue. If index Maas body is growing and you are tired even when you shop, you know what to do.

4.You are always angry
This may be a sign that you do not eat foods that bring nutrient intake required, but may be diabetes, so it would be better to see the doctor.

5.Your knees hurt
Because the entire body weight is supported by legs, they will be among the first who will tell you it’s time to lose kilograms. Excess weight is very difficult to bear by joints and wrists, so it’s possible to feel pain in the knees if you have a few extra kilos, especially for a longer period of time.

6.Back pain
There are many causes for back pain, but overweight obese people suffer generally from back pain, especially in the lower area.

7.You feel pressure on heart area and arrhythmia
Cardiovascular problems caused by excess pounds make their presence felt and transmit that it is time to take action.

8.Your clothes don’t fit you
This is the most obvious sign that can tell if you are overweight or not. If you can not wear your jeans it is clear that you should take action and not necessarily in the sense of changing the wardrobe.

9.Every year you gain weight, never lose
Overweight people have a weight gain upward trend from year to year or even from month to month.
You get tired doing usual activities

10.If you feel that you lose your breath just climbing a few stairs or walking short distances, then it is clear that your cardiovascular system is overloaded. Heart body must provide enough oxygen to carry out the respective activities. If not, the heart is forced and that’s not necessarily a good thing. You must loose excess kilograms.

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10 Telling Signs you need to lose weight