10-Step DIY Play Kitchen


I’m so excited to share this with you! All it takes for this REALLY easy DIY play kitchen are 10 easy steps, to create a totally customised play kitchen!

I’d seen some gorgeous up-cycled play kitchens online, crafted from old, unwanted furniture. The results were beautiful, but it seemed as though many took an awful lot of work and I just couldn’t find the right size or shaped second hand piece of furniture that would do the job, without months of work!

It was during a casual afternoon’s wander around Ikea, that I saw this under-the-sink storage unit and thought ‘Wow! That would be the perfect height for a play kitchen!’ And so, my Ikea-hack began!
The beauty of using this Ikea hack, is that there is already a ‘hole’ made for the sink (a silver bowl,) to sit into. There are already cupboard doors, hinges and handles and you could even keep it white if you wanted to. SO easy!
10-Step DIY Play Kitchen
Here’s what I used:

  • Ikea ‘Fullen’ under-the-sink bathroom storage (I paid £17, which is approximately $28.50 US)
  • A 1-litre ‘Kitchen Craft’ stainless steel bowl (I paid £5.99 on Amazon, which is approximately $10 US)
  • A ‘Bygel’ utensil rail (with hookds,) from Ikea (I paid £3.10 for the rail and 10 hooks, which is approximately $5.10 US)
  • Left-over kitchen and bathroom paint
  • Left-over chalk-board paint
  • A spare shelf from our bookcase
  • A small piece of ply-wood
  • An old tap we found in the shed (I have NO idea why we have a tap in the shed, but never mind!)

Masking tape, a paint brush, a glue-gun, a few screws (to secure the utensil rail and ‘splash back’ bookshelf, a small hand wood-saw/jigsaw, chalk pen (optional)

Total cost: £26.09 (which works out as roughly $43.80 US) for a TOTALLY customised DIY-play kitchen! Bargain!

10-Step Tutorial for this DIY Play-Kitchen
10-Step DIY Play Kitchen
1. You want your kid to be able to pretty much use the play kitchen straight away, so once it was all assembled, I got straight to painting it with my left-over kitchen and bathroom paint. It took three coats of the paint I used, but it didn’t take too long to do.

2. Once the paint had all fully dried, I used masking tape, to tape off an area for a chalk-board menu! I then applied the chalk board paint, which again, took a few coats but was really straight forward to do. Once it had dried, I just peeled off the tape for a clean finish. I also did this on one of the cupboards to create the look of an oven.

3. Next, I drew around a plate with a pencil, to create the outline of the hob rings on the top of the play kitchen. With a thinner paint brush, I painted this in with the chalk-board paint.

4. With the painting done and all dry, I got my 1-litre Kitchen Craft bowl and wedged it into the U-shaped gap in the top of the play kitchen. Well, that was easy… no trying to cut out a perfect circle!

5. My brother had a spare piece of ply-wood, so I drew around the top of the bowl and where it would need to join the gap between the ‘sink’ and the back of the ‘work-surface’ on the DIY play kitchen. He also had the right kind of saw, so he kindly took it back and cut the curved shape for me. Apparently it’s fairly straight forward to do!
10-Step DIY Play Kitchen
6. Once this had been painted to match the rest of the ‘work surface’ area on the play kitchen, I used my glue-gun to secure it into place. (It’s important to just place the wood on without the tap attached yet, so that it’s not too heavy whilst the glue is wet!)
10-Step DIY Play Kitchen
7. With the glue all dried, I could once again use the glue-gun to secure the tap onto the centre of the piece of wood.
Again, at this point you could actually stop as the kitchen itself is finished! I wanted to add a little something extra to enhance it, so opted to do a ‘splash-back’ area with space to hang the utensils.

8. I wanted to use more of the chalk board paint, to give it a really eye-catching look, so painted it with 3 coats of the spare paint I had. Once this was dry, I used a white chalk pen to add a simple design onto it. The great thing is, that this design can be wiped off and re-drawn with a different design! When my boy is a little older, he may even want to draw his own artwork on, too!

9. The utensil rail just needed securing with a couple of screws on either side.

10. The shelf (for a splash-back,) was then screwed in place securely.

Read on to see what accessories I used…
10-Step DIY Play Kitchen
Accessories I used:

  • Utensils (these are children’s play utensils from Ikea)
  • Pots and pans
  • A chopping board
  • Wooden chopping fruit with wooden knife (by Melissa and Doug)
  • Cream painted chicken-wire basket (from a local shop – Cooking Fantastic, in Killinghall)

10-Step DIY Play KitchenAll that was left, was to play with it and enjoy!

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10-Step DIY Play Kitchen