10 New Uses for Ice Cube Trays


Hello there! I saw that you’ve loved my 10 New Uses for Egg Cartons and I thought to do some articles with more stuff like this, of how you can reuse things that you have in your home. I will do some research and brainstorm to come with great ideas. How I get to this idea for today? I saw this page with these fancy ice cubes and Voila! – 10 New Uses for Ice Cube Trays!

1. First, in the article, the theme is how you can dress up your ice cubes for your parties for example. Only that this lead me think of another use, Ice Cube Painting. Together with your toddler, you could put colorful ice cubes in a sensory tub. This way your children, or childrens, could experiment with mixing colors. 10 New Uses for Ice Cube Trays
2. Mix some flavors for your toddlers. You could freeze your homemade baby food in these ice cube trays.
3. You could play with ice cube trays with your kids if they are older toddlers or young preschoolers. How? Well you can do the 1 on 1 correspondence using pom poms, wine corks, or any other little stuff you can add to each space.
4. This is my favorite idea! Freeze your leftover coffee in an ice cube tray, this way you will make some coffee cubes that you could use to cool your coffee without diluting your cup.
10 New Uses for Ice Cube Trays5. Paint pallets! These ice cube trays are super cheap at the dollar store.
6. Fruit sauce cubes – applesauce, banana sauce, peach sauce or any other fruit sauce that you’ll give to your baby that’s warm. By adding an fruit sauce cube, it will cool it down without diluting it.
10 New Uses for Ice Cube Trays7. Like the egg cartoons, you can also use these ice cube trays for your drawer organizer.
8. Using a ice cube tray for toppings holder.
10 New Uses for Ice Cube Trays9. For this use, I will tell you how to make some DIY Bath Cubes. Mix your soap with a little food coloring and freeze it in your ice cube trays. This way you will make some bath crayons. Your children can draw with on the walls.
10. And my last idea for this article on how you could reuse your ice cube tray, I thought of some silicone ice cube trays with different shapes, to create some mini crayons for your kids parties.

What do you think about my uses? What different uses do you use your ice cube trays for? Please let me know!

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10 New Uses for Ice Cube Trays


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