10 New Uses for Garbage Bags


Today’s stars are the Garbage Bags! These are a given in most houses – a really necessity. So, I am very sure you’ll all find something new to use them for in this post! These are not very cute for taking pictures, but are surely very practical.

1. If you have toddlers you can play with these garbage bags making some “giant” icebergs for sensory play. Fill some bags, not all the way up though and place them in the freezer for some days. You can even color the water to give them a twist, or use salt or colors food for exploration once you’ve pulled them out from the freezer.
2. These are a must for your car emergency kit – gather the trash from the car, clothes, shoes, etc. It will come in handy at some point to have same garbage bags in your car, trust me!
3. Another use is for your outdore sensory tables, to cover them up. You don’t want some animals to confuse your sand, with a “litter box” overnight. Lay the bag on top with a couple of rocks on top.
10 New Uses for Garbage Bags4. Some people use the garbage bags to cover themself, for protection, when they are going to do some work in their gardens, or when it rains outside, or when they are working at their cars, when they wanna paint… I’m sure you can thing for other uses or are using it at different jobs, apart from the ones that I’ve said. If so, please let me know to add here!
5. Floor protector – under your Christmas tree!
6. Cover huge trays of goodies when you are out of plastic wrap.
7. If you love to paint, you can protect your work place by using some garbage bags to cover your work place.
10 New Uses for Garbage Bags

8. You can make your own Halloween “Casper”.10 New Uses for Garbage Bags

9. For this one, I will spill with you guys a little secret, but it has to remain between us, ok? Lol! If you have some unannounced guests, and you don’t have your house “spotless”, grab a garbage bag, or more if is necessary, and fill it up with clothes, toys or whatever and toss it in a room. Quick clean! You will have time afterwords to sort them out or even donate some items to Goodwill if you realize you dont need them anymore.
10. And the last but not the least, you can make a wreath! Yes, a wreath!!! You can use anything to make one and trash bags are no exception, and here is an idea for Halloween, you can use a black garbage bag. You just have to cut some strips and tie on the same way you would with fabric… and it’s done!

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10 New Uses for Garbage Bags