10 New Uses for Egg Cartons


When your family is getting bigger, well, you use more products and now I have so many egg cartons available and I thought that’s a shame to throw these away. That is why for my today DIY project these egg cartons are the stars.

1. You can use an egg cartoon to organize your sewing kit, little items that you can find very easily in one place!
2. You can use some spray paint and maiby some mod podged patterned paper and make a cute gift box. Imagine how fun it will be to see the faces of the birthday girl/boy when she/he will receive his present in an egg cartoon.
3. You really can make prints with anything! This can be a fun time spent with your kid making prints with an egg cartoon!
10 New Uses for Egg Cartons
4. Like I said above, this is a great organizer for your sew kit, imagine using it for your craft supplies or jewelery. Organize your drawers or shelfs with egg cartoons.
10 New Uses for Egg Cartons
5. Obviously you can use these for your crafts, for example building a dool house furniture!
6. Since I was little I saw my mom use this egg cartoons like pots for seeds or small plants.
7. You can craft some flowers from these. Spend some time with your little girl and make a bouquet of these. It can be a cute gift for her teacher!
10 New Uses for Egg Cartons8. You can make some cool games with your children for example! A matching game for once or an 1 on 1 correspondence game. Depending on their development level you can use numbers or color the container in diferent colors and use some pom poms for matching the colors.
9. For this one I got a tip for a mom! I can use these egg cartoons for transporting cupcakes or muffins. Great tip in my oppinion, right!?
10. For the last uses I thought to help the kids. How? Well, you can put in each little hole paint colors, in this way they will be separated.
10 New Uses for Egg CartonsWhat do you think about my ideas? How do you reuse your egg cartons?
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10 New Uses for Egg Cartons